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No Mandate Brown survived a coup attempt at a meeting of the Parliamentary Liebour Party last night.  He has promised to listen to MPs more and take their views into account.

How about listening to the electorate Gordo?  How about taking the electorate’s views into account?

On Thursday the electorate overwhelmingly rejected Liebour in the English local elections.  No votes = no councillors = no mandate.

On Sunday the electorate overwhelmingly rejected Liebour in the EU imperial elections.  They are the third UK party in the EU parliament, they have no mandate.

As I type, 66,966 people have signed a petition on his own website calling for No Mandate Brown to resign.

A meeting of the Parliamentary Liebour Party is not a democratic mandate to govern this country.  The people have spoken and they have said no to Liebour, no to the European Empire and no to Gordon Brown.

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  1. Man in a Shed (10 comments) says:

    I thought the parliamentary Labour party’s reaction was the same as the victim in a domestic abuse case who has been ready to press charges, but when the bully turns up professing his love and how he’s going to change goes all weak at the knees and runs back to him.

  2. john (37 comments) says:

    “I’m just getting on with the Job”

    He’s got to fulfill his sole mission to get England signed away fully to his bosses in Brussels.

  3. axel (1214 comments) says:

    fucking cock smoker

  4. General Payne (3 comments) says:

    How fucking useless is Cameroon and the rest of the fuckwit Conservatives not to mention the Liberally morose twits.

    This Labour government have handed out ship loads of ammunition to blow them to smithereens. Everything from the Millenium Doome, illegal wars, pensioners dying of the cold because that was infinately more attractive than starving, a succession of stupid fucking laws, quangos, Twats running the cops, Derry Irvine’s wallpaper. For years and years it goes on and on and those fucking dipstick opposition wankers still cant do anything. They are so fucking useless in opposition God better fucking save us when they get into power next year. GB is fucking done for.

  5. jameshigham (87 comments) says:

    Hope you don’t mind me posting your letter, Wonko.

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