Caroline Flint is a lying cow

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When was the last time Caroline Flint told the truth?  Does anyone know?  Does she know?

Caroline Flint - No Gordon BrownFlint, whose greatest achievement was to be Secretary of State for the European Empire’s trojan horse in the British government, has just been interviewed on ITV.

They showed the infamous clip of her saying how proud she is to serve in El Gordo’s cabinet of all the talentless which was recorded a few hours before she resigned from the cabinet.  They quoted her slagging off El Gordo for using her as “window dressing” (don’t flatter yourself love, you might be the best looking woman in Parliament but you’re competing against wrinkly old hags and a ginger gnome) and then she said what a wonderful job he was doing.  They asked her if she’d been implicated in a plot against El Gordo, she said no and then two minutes later said she had been implicated in a plot against El Gordo.

The one good thing about all the lies and sleaze in Westminster is that it’s getting previously disinterested people interested in politics.  Mrs Sane generally couldn’t give a shit about politics (with a few exceptions) but this has hooked her.

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  1. jameshigham (87 comments) says:

    She couldn’t lie straight in bed.

  2. Charlie Marks (365 comments) says:

    I thought the story about biscuits was amusing – an example of how petty ministers can be. Apparently staff were not permitted to have biscuits with their tea at meetings with Flint.

  3. Manbeast (24 comments) says:

    She\’s eye candy, promoted for what she is rather than what she can do. And when she didn\’t get the preferential treatment she was used to under \’positive\’ discrimination, she threw a monumental strop.

    Or as they say round here, threw her dodi from the pram

  4. axel (1214 comments) says:

    I still think Wendy Forsythe is an absolute honey 🙁

  5. Hugh Janus (6 comments) says:

    If Flint is eye candy I must be missing something. have you seen those Observer pics. White tree trunk, fire side legs! I’ll never be able to eat blancmange again!

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