Anyone but Murray

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Wimbledon has started and the BBC are excited about the prospects of British Scottish British Scottish British Scottish Sour Faced Tosser, Andy Murray.

Personally, I couldn’t give a flying fuck which round he crashes out in as long as he cries like a baby.

Anyone But Murray

Amusingly, the above image is the first match in a Google image search for “Anyone But Murray”.

For followers of the perpetual British/Scottish schizophrenia of Andy “Anyone but England” Murray, the Andymurrayometer is worth a visit for a bit of a giggle.

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  1. axel (1214 comments) says:

    Relax, relax, Federer will hump in the final, if he gets that far

  2. R.R.MACGREGOR (1 comments) says:

    Come up here and say that you limp wristed English wanker. You lot are so up yourselves no wonder you are internationally despised. The sooner we secede from the UK and get your debt ridden immigrant infested rat hole of a country of our backs the better. Now fuck of. Missing you already. SAOR ALBA GU BRATH.

  3. TeaAye (1 comments) says:

    Oddly, the picture of Andy Murray shows him smiling and not at all sour-faced.

  4. axel (1214 comments) says:

    I’m saying it now, in Gorgie

  5. NOTenglish! (1 comments) says:

    As long as the Wimbledon winner isn’t English I don’t really care!

  6. Saturn5 (1 comments) says:

    Yep, infested with loads of sour faced scottish twats always bleating on about how good scotland is, well why don’t they all fuck off back to such lovely places as glasgow etc and indulge in some skag – one of the best known past times up there!

  7. Scilla (2 comments) says:

    Now that Murray has an English girlfriend and is living in England will he now support England? Or will he, like so many of his ilk, use and abuse England?

  8. tks (1 comments) says:

    Got my T-Shirt ready for this years Wimbledon

    Come on “Anyone but Murray”! 🙂

  9. Bill Wallace (1 comments) says:

    I find it hard to believe that you seem to be so uptight about a person who hits a ball with a string bat for a living. And for you to spew out such racist filth about a race of people who have done nothing but support England by its inventions and discoveries, and furthermore its wars is unbelievable.
    I can only think that a scot must have bum rumped you for you to feel such anguish as this, either that or has Andy Murray stolen a night of passion with your girlfriend and ruined her for you.
    Either way get a life you twat.

  10. Bobby Bruce (1 comments) says:

    The funny thing is, the next British person to win Wimbeldon will be a Scot and we Scottish couldn’t give a fuck.

    Oh and keep sending the money up 😉

  11. stuart robertson (1 comments) says:

    having scottish grandparents i ve always felt a conection with scotland and its people(family in dunfermline). i had always planed to visit scotland until now. the hatred flowing from the scotts has shocked me. if your not welcome somewhere , you wont go there. i used to cheer on scotland against the rest of the world,not any more. racism is bad. ok. follow the light side of the force!!!! COME ON ENGLAND !!!!!!!

  12. Cyril matvech (1 comments) says:

    I have always found that the ease of which Anglos claim to support Scots playing sports comes from their belief that they possessed/owned Scotland. Like their shattered hopes of lifting this or any Football World Cup ever, their illusion of owning Scotland has been destroyed.

    It is far healthier and honest that Anglos start admitting that as Millwall fans don’t start supporting Chelsea when their team has been knocked out of the FA cup, they don’t REALLY start supporting Scotland when England has failed to qualify. The “Anyone but England” campaign has been a very successful campaign and I wish the “Anyone but Murray” campaign even greater success to stop Murray winning the very silly Giant Grass Ping-Pong or Wiff-Waff as Boris calls it!

  13. Scotland The Brave (1 comments) says:

    I never met an English person who supported “scottish sport” in my life. We were supposed to be “Great Britain” before the scots decided they would be better off scrounging from the EU than scrounging from the UK, and have a dream of grabbing all the oil in the North Sea. In actual fact there is no celtic or anglo saxon blood, the experiments have been done and the genetic data is in, and there is more or less an equal spread of celtic and anglo blood throughout the UK, seems that the Celts were never pushed into Scotland and Wales after all, just mixed with the Anglos, so you can forget about any racial identity too. I don’t think that the English think they own Scotland at all. There have been English monarchs and there have been scottish monarchs of the UK and all of that is very old, very irrelevent history. Scotland is a sad place because of alcoholism, apathy and xenophobia, the scottish are too miserable and selfish to blame themselves for this so blame the English for all their problems. They also like to make themselves feel better by imagining that they are tougher and smarter than the English, quoting Logie Baird (who’s designs never got used) and some other great inventors, but forget that people like Newton, Darwin, Trevethic (invented the railway), Jethro Tull (invented modern farming) Dawkins, Hawkins etc are all English. So are many of the worlds greatest boxers and martial artists, I challenge Macgregor to come down south and mouth off in my local you limp wristed scottish cunt who can do little more than chunter on the internet. The truth is, nobody in England really cares. Most people will not give a flying fuck if Scotland gets devolution, we don’t own scotland and frankly don’t need it or want it.

  14. Glen (3 comments) says:

    I have never ever been anti Scottish. I have been shocked to repeatedly see and hear Scots ranting off anti English propaganda about how England is shit and the Scots are so great. As neighbours we have a right, almost a duty to engage in a bit of neighbourly banter but to descend into racial hatred is just idiotic. As an individual Englishman I am not the Queen, I am not responsible for any historic disharmony against a single Scot, and I have a feeling the other English people commenting here are the same. Similarly as Scots, (even you R.R.MACGREGOR you foul mouthed little twat) you do not represent all things bad about Scotland. The aggressive, mindless hatred of Scots towards the English is not related to nationality, it’s related to a lack of basic education and general ignorance. I do not hate Murray because he is Scottish, I hate him because he is a cunt…..whatever flag he flys…

  15. ABM (1 comments) says:

    Ho Ho Ho good on yer Rafa

    Tis the midges that make them so miserable and jealous

    BTW never go to New Zealand it’s full of Scots and they still whine there!!

  16. R.R.MACGREGOR's DAD (1 comments) says:

    Son, never in my life have I taught you to be anti-english…your mother is english…how dare you! You are a disgrace!

  17. shaun the brummie (1 comments) says:

    R.R.Macgregors dad,if your wife’s english she must be a whore,to marry a scot.just like gordon’s missus.rather have a war against the jocks than the taleban.

  18. Anglo Saxon (1 comments) says:

    R.R.MACGREGOR; if you can stay sober long enough come down here and say that. I’ll punch your pasty jock face through the back of your brainless xenophobic skull you cunt.

  19. Mark (9 comments) says:

    LOVE IT!!! 😛

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