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My boys came home from school today with their school reports.

#1 goes to secondary school in September so this is his final report from primary school.  The expectation for the average child in his year was 4a or 4b – he got five 5a’s.  A child geting a level 5 in year 9 at secondary school (that’s 3rd year to us old forgey’s) would be expected to get C’s in their GCSE’s and he’s got three years at the best sate school in the country before he gets to year 9!

#2 has two years left at primary school and the expectation for his year was 3b or 3c and he got four 3a’s which is the expectation for the end of the following year.

#3 is in year 2 and he got a 3c and two 2a’s.  The expectation for his year is 2b or 2c.  Considering he’s got dyspraxia and struggles with co-ordination, concentration and mood swings, exceeding expectations for all subjects is even more of an achievement.

Obviously very pround of my four little brainboxes (#4 hasn’t got her report from nursery yet but she’s miles ahead of all the other kids in nursery so we expect it to be good).

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  1. axel (1214 comments) says:

    school budgets, we wont ask for more money for that reason, our funding structure is completely different (i know its all your money but there is no way that holyrood could dump that much money into the system and it reach the schools, like they can in england, this difference also allowed us to make student fees free, with relatively little pain)

  2. axel (1214 comments) says:

    540,000 people in scotland watched the test where england won the ashes


    412,000 people voted for the SNP, in the last election

    do you think we should have the englanf first xi as our government?

  3. Daggs (55 comments) says:

    But as you well know Axel, 539,999 were rooting for Australia!
    By the way England gets a capital E. Just as Scotland gets a capital S.

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