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Protesters from the English & Welsh Defence League and anti-fascist fascists rioted in Birmingham yesterday – a repeat of events a couple of weeks ago when the English & Welsh Defence League marched on Birmingham City Centre and the fascist Unite Against Fascism came out in force to protest at them.

The BBC News website seems to be a bit light on information about the protest but there are pictures and a video on the Daily Mail website.  The BBC did mention the fact that there was going to be a protest a couple of days ago but they mysteriously seem to have glossed over the finer details of the violence during the protest itself.  Well I say mysteriously but there’s not much mystery about if you look at the pictures on the Daily Mail website.

The pictures show the English & Welsh Defence League protesters (who the media have decided to rename the English Defence League) and the “anti-fascist” protesters who are all Asians.  So not actually anti-fascist protesters, but Asian protesters.  This is the reason why the BBC have been vague.

There’s no doubt that the English & Welsh Defence League are racists and intent on causing trouble but why were the UAF allowed to stage a counter-protest a fortnight ago and muslims allowed to stage a counter-protest yesterday in the same place as the English & Welsh Defence League, knowing full well that it would end up causing trouble?  The police have the power to prevent the two protests from taking place in the same place at the same time so why didn’t they use it?

I’m not interested in race politics and I would certainly never support a group like the English & Welsh Defence League but the biased reporting irritates me.  They are not the English Defence League, they are the English and Welsh Defence League and the protesters yesterday were Asians, not anti-fascists.

The British establishment will be wringing its hands over the emergence of the English & Welsh Defence League and trying to think of ways to shut them down but none of them will accept any of the blame for the existence of groups like this (there are more that have recently come into being) despite it being almost entirely down to their anti-English policies and refusal to deal with moderate English nationalist groups like the Campaign for an English Parliament.  Maybe now their head-in-the-sand approach to English nationalism, immigration and self-imposed segregation has spawned various extremist groups the British government will pay more attention to moderate English nationalists before they have home-grown terrorists to deal with as well as imported ones?

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  1. Wyrdtimes (31 comments) says:

    The terrorists who attacked London were home grown but I know what you mean.

    Have you considered updating your article on the CEP to reflect the Welsh element?

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