Wireless Wii Nunchucks – don’t bother

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We’ve had a Wii for a while now and a combination of the kids using the remote and nunchucks as nunchucks (Kung-fu style) and chewing the wires has rendered the nunchucks a tad unreliable, often causing you to veer off to the left in Mario Kart Wii at inopportune moments.

So we thought we’d invest in a set of wireless nunchucks to get round the problem.  Mrs Sane ordered a pair of nunchucks off the Game website which were rubbish.  They were really sluggish and didn’t last more than 10 minutes without unpairing themselves from the remote.  So she returned them and bought a pair from Tesco instead which were more reliable in that they didn’t disconnect from the remote but were still super-sluggish, causing you to suddenly drive into walls or off the edge of the track in Mario Kart.

So we’ve gone back to wired nunchucks again and we’ll stick with them until Nintendo make wireless nunchucks themselves.  I suspect that the technology doesn’t allow reliable wireless connectivity for the nunchucks otherwise Nintendo would have done it themselves by now.

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