BBC invite BNP to appear on Question Time

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The BBC have invited the BNP to appear on the panel of Question Time for the first time.

The decision is the right one, no matter how awful the BNP are.  They have two MEPs and several councillors, to deny them a platform does nothing to reduce their support – in fact, it increases their support because it’s human nature to support the underdog.

A spokesman for the BBC said “The BBC is obliged to treat all registered political parties operating within the law with due impartiality.  Our audiences and the electorate will make up their own minds about different policies offered by elected politicians”.  Damn right and the best way to ensure the electorate doesn’t vote BNP is to allow them to see the BNP in action.  Give them enough rope and they’ll hang themselves.

Liebour are flapping though because they have a rule that prevents Liebour Party members from sharing a platform with the BNP.  Anything that gets Liebour MPs off the telly is to be encouraged, even if it means seeing Nick Griffin’s fat, sweaty face on Question Time.

The best quote on this has got to come from John Mann, the Liebour chairman of the all-party anti-Semitism group who said:

This is how Hitler came to power

Now, I wasn’t around in the 30’s and I only received a state education but I’m pretty sure Hitler didn’t appear on Question Time and that any TV coverage he may have had from the BBC wouldn’t have helped his election campaign.  What actually allowed Hitler to come to power was the German government’s refusal to do what the German electorate wanted and Hitler’s promise to deal with immigration, unemployment, hyperinflation and to make Germany a world power again.  Hmm, now that sounds familiar.

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  1. axel (1214 comments) says:

    Are the BNP really that bad?

    Their dirty secret is they are ‘racist’

    What is their view on fox hunting, the EU, nuclear weapons or the economy?

    Are Labour really that bad?

    Their dirty secret is they are bunch of ‘cock smoking economic incompotents’

    What is their view on fox hunting, the EU, nuclear weapons or the economy?

    Are the tories really that bad?

    Their dirty secret is David Cameron

    What is their view on fox hunting, the EU, nuclear weapons or the economy?

    no party is perfect, they all have shite hidden in their manifestos, what other crap does the BNP have? It is that that will lose the election

    we are so deep in the brown stuff, that is does’nt matter where your grandfather was born

  2. axel (1214 comments) says:

    What is Axel’s view on fox hunting, the EU, nuclear weapons or the economy?

    i) I would’nt waste any more important government time on such a tosser subject (i’m slightly pro but mostly i majorly dont care)

    ii) I’d leave but only because i dont trust big government or its ability to be efficient

    iii) Unilateralist

    iv) dont know

  3. %9 daalixman (1 comments) says:

    the bnp are a joke, have you seen this?

  4. james (6 comments) says:

    Ho ho hum so the bnp is racist ,i also here that they fart,wipe there bums ,rub there bums,pick there noses, and breath air.produce urine,sweat,burp,scratch there head, bum,and have sex,and like 90# of un attached males and females mastabate/gee its hard being human.

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