Manchester Councillor and UAF activist trying to ban EDL march

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“Faith groups and traders” and councillors in Manchester are asking the Home Secretary to ban a protest by the English Defence League that is planned for next month citing the violence at their Birmingham marches as justification for depriving them of their constitutional right to protest.

The Daily Telegraph says:

Gangs of men and youths hurled bottles at each other and pelted riot police with bricks as frightened shoppers looked on

This is absolutely correct but it wasn’t English Defence League protesters that were throwing bricks and bottles at each other or the police, it was the Unite Against Facism thugs and the young muslim troublemakers that turned out to protest against them.  Wherever the UAF goes, voilence follows and there is no excuse for not reporting who the violent troublemakers were because it was correctly reported in the news and the Daily Mail even had pictures.

Councillor Jim Battle of Manchester City Council said:

Wherever the so-called English Defence League have gone, there has been violence and disruption to ordinary people who just want to go about their business.

These people do not have a legitimate cause – they merely wish to vilify, insult, intimidate and provoke one section of our community. That isn’t protest or legitimate democratic debate and it certainly is not welcome in Manchester.

The city council isn’t a lone voice making this request. We are standing together with faith groups and city centre traders. Manchester does not want the EDL, and we stand united against their poisonous, disruptive and un-British outlook and actions.

But we know that the trouble is being caused by the thugs in the UAF – there are pictures showing their violent counter-protests against the English Defence League – so why is he blaming the English Defence League for the violence?  Thank you Google

Unite Against Fascism Re-Launch Meeting
Monday 14th July, 7.30pm, Manchester Town Hall
(Cttee Rm 2)

Proposed Agenda to include:

  • Speaker from Unite Against Fascism National Office
  • Planning a major Gtr Manchester UAF event for the autumn
  • Agreeing a North West statement against the BNP
  • Campaigning against the BNP – particularly if they stand in next June’s European elections
  • Love Music Hate Racism (LMHR) events – eg the planned LMHR Northern Carnival for next year

yours in solidarity,

Sharon Green (Manchester UAF Treasurer)
Councillor Jim Battle (Deputy Leader Manchester City Council)
Colin Barker (former chair Manchester UAF)
Karen Evans (UCU Nat Exec pc)
Steve Ratcliffe, (CWU)
Sarah Holden, (Unite the Union Regional Equalities Officer)
Mike Killian, (Manchester UAF)

No wonder he’s hiding the truth about the fascist UAF, he’s a UAF thug himself abusing his position as Deputy Leader of Manchester City Council to promote the UAF and its violent fascist agenda.  And as an aside, the English Defence League’s actions aren’t likely to be “British” on account of them being “English”.

I have no interest in the politics of ethnicity, I’m not a white supremacist and I don’t share the racist views of the English Defence League but I would defend their right to protest and express their views – that is what democracy is all about.  UAF is the cause of all this violence yet they seem to be immune from public criticism thanks to the number of councillors, MPs and senior police officers that are members who all quite happily spread UAF propaganda and abuse their power to try and ban legitimate, legal protests.

The English Defence League are not my type of people and they don’t speak for me but I would rather have them on the streets than the vicious, far left extremists of Unite Against Fascism.

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  1. John (37 comments) says:

    Yes, he is one of the self hating, hard left wing agitators and extemists who detest everything about their own country, disturbingly who has orchestrated themselves into a position of power in the country he obviously detests, who would rather side with Islamists intent on creating an Islamic state, and no doubt relies on their votes to be in the position he is in, and wouldnt want to upset them now would he, so would rather be a ‘Useful fool’ for the Islamists, the likes of whom the muslims would turn on first when in a position to do so, as they would no longer be needed and would be easy pickings.

  2. QM (19 comments) says:

    Thanks for the info, I posted about thismyself this morning, though I had no idea that the councillor was a UAF brownshirt. I’ve linked to this article too with thanks.

  3. john (37 comments) says:

    The Irony of the far left calling for the far right….and anybody they alledge to be ‘far right’….to be banned.

    The (far left) extremists are ALREADY in power, and have been since may 1997.

    New Labour’s Communist Red Brigade

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