Mandelson the Incompetent strikes again

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Is it unreasonable to expect that the Business Secretary might have some small amount of business sense?

The British government recently confirmed that it intends to build a number of nuclear power stations in England which will, of course, require a large number of experts in the field of nuclear energy.  Experts such as the Atomic Energy Agency.  These experts don’t come cheap so it’s a good job the Atomic Energy Agency is state owned isn’t it?

Enter Peter Mandelson, failed MP, failed international marxist, failed EU commissioner and now failing Business Secretary.  His bright idea for a cheap, secure nuclear energy industry?  Sell the commercial arm of the Atomic Energy Agency to Babcock for £50m.

As the developed world moves towards nuclear energy for its future energy needs, in the knowledge that windmills and solar panels will never produce enough electricity to satisfy demand, Mandelson sells off yet another state-owned nuclear asset.  The Atomic Energy Agency will join the now French-owned British Energy (formerly BNFL) in charging the British government commercial rates for the commission and maintenance of critical infrastructure and all we have to show for it is a paltry £50m.  That won’t cover more than a few minutes of interest payments on national debt.

And this is the man that will lead the Liebour Party when El Gordo is deposed?

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  1. subrosa (13 comments) says:

    Thank goodness we’ll be self sufficient up here and have a government which will put the issue of energy top of the list.

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