Harperson is at it again

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Harriet Harperson, the man-hating fascist Minister for Women & Inequality, has written to the Tartan Taxman 2.0 and demanded that he bans companies from claiming VAT back on entertaining staff and clients at lap dancing clubs because it’s demeaning and effectively excludes women.

Isn’t it a little presumptuous of Ms Harperson to assume that no woman would ever want to go to a lap dancing club?  Presumably she’s aware that lesbians fancy women, what with her husband being a porn connoisseur, so I can only assume that she is intending to discriminate against lesbians as well as men.

And is lap dancing really demeaning to women?  They earn an obscene amount of money prancing around in their bra and pants teasing horny men.  Lap dancers can retire in their 30’s or 40’s on the proceeds of their career choice.  Is that demeaning?

And notice how she’s only interested in banning events that exclude women?  She isn’t asking for a ban on companies claiming VAT back on entertaining women at Chippendales shows, for instance.  Surely they’re “demeaning” for men and exclude men?

I’ve emailed the Minister for Women & Inequality asking for clarification although I fear a smidgeon of sarcasm may have crept into my email as a result of my being unable to take the man-hating old trout seriously …

Dear Ms Harperson,

I see that you have written to the Chancellor demanding that he ban companies from claiming VAT back on entertaining at lap dancing clubs because you believe it is demeaning and excludes women.

Firstly, I don’t see what business it is of yours if a woman decides to take her clothes off for a living.  If a woman chooses to work in a lap dancing club, earning more in a week than most people do in a month, then it isn’t for you to denounce her career choice as demeaning.  Is taking your clothes off and teasing frustrated men for an obscene amount of money really demeaning?

Secondly, I notice that you don’t mention men in your demands in anything other than the negative context we’ve all come to expect from you.  Do you believe that male strippers are also demeaning and that companies should be banned from entertaining women with male strippers?  I ask merely for clarification as you appear to have forgotten that the “equality” you are a minister for applies to men as well as women.

Apologies in advance for being born male,


Do you think they’ll notice?

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  1. jameshigham (87 comments) says:

    Survey question – does PC:

    1. sicken you;
    2. make you so nauseous you can’t even look at Harpie;
    3. cause you to reach for your Browning.

    Oops, that last one was not such a good reference.

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