Adonis and Hain want to sit in House of Commons

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The unelected English Transport Minister, Lord Adonis, says that he and the unelected English Business Secretary, Peter Mandelson, would love to sit in the House of Commons to answer MPs’ questions directly instead of by proxy in the House of Lords.

The BBC points out that the Shadow English Transport Minister and the Shadow English Business Secretary never get to directly face their opposite numbers in the Commons.

There is a simple solution to this democratic deficit – stop stuffing the cabinet with useless, unelected peers.  There should be no unelected peers in the cabinet.


  1. Gav (2 comments) says:

    “the unelected English Business Secretary, Peter Hain,” surely you mean Peter Mandelson?

  2. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Don’t know what you mean … 😉

  3. Gav (2 comments) says:

    Just showing I was paying attention! 😉

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