Stop the BNP: Vote UKIP

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Oh dear, oh dear, another leaked BNP membership list.  Things aren’t looking up for the BNP are they?

Last week Nick Griffin was forced to accept that the BNP cannot lawfully refuse membership to non-white or non-“British” people.  A court ruled – using a bill that isn’t a law yet, it seems – that the BNP isn’t allowed to refuse membership to non-whites even if it means allowing members that don’t subscribe to the party’s aims and objectives.  Expect a concerted effort to flood the BNP with muslims some time soon.

A new anti-BNP group has been formed by the Tories who are presumably jealous of Liebour’s anti-BNP far left extremist groups, Unite Against Fascism and Searchlight.  This new campaign group has done a sterling job of keeping the BNP in the news by publishing a letter written by former military commanders calling on the BNP to stop using wartime imagary because it gives the military a bad name.

And now a new version of the BNP’s membership list has been leaked on the Wikileaks website, prompting yet another investigation by the Information Commissioner.  A number of people on the list contacted by the Telegraph were at great pains to make it known they were no longer members of the BNP and most seem to have said they were only members for a short time.

It’s commonly accepted that the security services have moles in the BNP – they wouldn’t be doing their job if they didn’t.  The Liebour Party will undoubtedly have its own moles in the BNP (where they would be more easily camouflaged as fellow left wing extremists).  The British government knows that it doesn’t have any legal grounds to ban the BNP so it is instead using both legal and illegal means to try and put them out of business.  The same is true of UKIP, where the British government is trying to bankrupt the party using the corrupt Electoral Commission as a sockpuppet.  The trigger in both cases is electoral success that threatens to relegate Liebour to electoral irrelevance and challenges the established LibLabCon doctrine of unfettered immigration, eurofederalism and national shame.

The thing with the BNP is that most of their members have joined either because they’re racists or making a protest at the LibLabCon.  Most of them couldn’t name a BNP policy other than “immigration” and “sending th darkings back home” and most of them couldn’t argue their way out of a wet paper bag.  Let them have as much publicity as they crave because if you give them enough rope they hang themselves and the more rope they have, the more hangings there will be.  The “no platform” policy hasn’t worked, nor has denouncing them as bunny killing right wing nazi’s (socialism is left wing, not right).

The only way to undermine the BNP is to take away the reasons why people support them in the first place – restrict immigration and leave the EU.  This is what most people want and this is why people are voting for the BNP.  Unfortunately, the LibLabCon aren’t going to listen so the only way to stop the BNP is by voting UKIP who will restrict immigration and take us out of the European Empire but don’t have policies of forced repatriation of non-indigenous people, restricting freedom of the press and forcing anyone wanting to take part in English politics to have a DNA test to prove their anglo-saxon descent.


  1. QM (19 comments) says:

    Problem being that many of Labours core vote see UKIP as anti-EU Tories and the BNP as anti-EU Labour. Which is why the BNP generally pick up disillusioned Labour voters, not UKIP.

  2. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Traditionally that has been the case but during the EU elections in June, UKIP picked up a lot of disaffected Liebour votes.

  3. Stephen Harrison (1 comments) says:

    I wish to report to you a case of the most serious crime in the world.

    Against the Geneva Convention Ethnocide and United Nations Indigenous Peoples Rights to Identity and Culture.

    This is a case of Ethnocide and it is happening here and now in the United Kingdom.

    Labours plan of uncontrolled immigration policy has come to light and this can be proven in the statistics.

    Wikipedia lists and explains exactly the Crime of Ethnocide.

    Attacks On Culture and Displacement.

    Put simply it is the cleansing or minoritising of an indigenous population by methods other than mass extermination.
    It is a fact that by 2070 the immigrant population will be ahead of the indigenous peoples of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
    This is a Crime against humanity according to the Geneva Convention it is an equivalent crime to Genocide and is a form of ethnic Cleansing.

    I am reporting this crime to every agency in the UK to expose this crime to the British People.

    Take action Now! Reveal this Labour Plot because the hunt is on for the conspiracy that exists between labour and conservative politicians who have plotted this treason.


    [Your Name Here]

    I have emailed this matter to hundreds of important people, If they ignore it and take no action then surely they by default become an accomplice to the crime.
    Organisations, QC’s, Barristers, Solicitors, Members Of Parliament, The Hague, The United Nations.

    As an Englishman, along with thousands of others we have been displaced and made to feel inferior in our own land we will have a website shortly so that the whole world can see what is being done to us. THE FIGHT BACK HAS BEGUN.

    Open Your Eyes And See Before it Is Too Late!

    IPCC Complaint Made.
    Crimes Reported to West Midlands Police and Metropolitan Police.

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