West Midlands Police “ban” film in Birmingham

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West Midlands Police have advised cinemas in Birmingham not to show an independent film about black gang warfare filmed and produced in Birmingham because it is negatively stereotypical.  Cineworld and Odeon have refused to show the film in Birmingham as a result.

This is just wrong.  Very wrong.  It is not the place of the police to make up the law as they go along, although West Midlands Police do have form for it.  If they believe that the black “community” in Birmingham is so touchy that they’ll riot over a work of fiction then that doesn’t say a lot about the black “community” in Birmingham but it says even less about West Midlands Police if they’ve lost control of the city to such an extent that they have to lean on cinema’s not to show films in case it upsets the locals.


  1. Puzzled (1 comments) says:

    Shame the film wasn’t about Muslim gangs then they wouldn’t have known whether to ban it so as not to upset the Muslims, or not to ban it in case it upset some Muslims.

  2. More Puzzled (1 comments) says:

    What is the above comment all about?

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