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I’ve been tagged by Toque on a top 10 films meme, in the hope that he’ll find some inspiration for his LoveFilm rentals.  In no particular order …

  • Final Destination
    A kid has a premonition that the plane he’s on is going to blow up, panics, gets thrown off with some school friends and … the plane blows up.  Death has been cheated and claims them one by one in the order they should have died.  It was the first of its kind and, the scene where the girl gets hit by the bus is classic.
  • Saw
    Again, first of a kind and really gruesome.  Some bad people are abducted and locked up and forced to maim/kill themselves/each other to same their own lives.  Whoever wrote the script should probably be on a list of people to be very worried about.
  • Whoops Apocalypse
    Not the (relatively) recent one, the old one with Rik Mayall and Alexi Sayle in it.  Hilarious spoof with Rik Mayall as a bungling special services commander and Alexi Sayle as some communist leader.
  • Italian Job
    The old one, not the new one.  If you don’t know the story, what planet have you been on?
  • Star Wars
    All six of them.  I know it’s controversial but I like them all and I wish they’d remake the original three so they fit in properly with the three newer films.
  • The Matrix
    Yet another “first”.  I get bored easily by films unless they’re really funny or different and the Matrix falls into the latter category.  You have to watch it a few times to figure it all out.
  • A Clockwork Orange
    Because sometimes you just want to see lots of shagging and mindless violence.  There’s probably a plot but I’ve never noticed one.
  • Death Race 2000
    The film that inspired the Carmageddon series of games.  A film set in the future where a trans-continental race takes place regularly in America (officially sanctioned and blessed by the Pope!) where drivers score points for every pedestrian they kill.
  • The Exorcist
    The original scary poltergeist film in which a priest tries to exorcise a posessed girl.  “What’s wrong with me mommy?”
  • Kill Bill
    All of them.  Gratuitous violence and excellent special effects.

I’ll pass this on to …

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  1. axel (1214 comments) says:

    The original Death Race? Where the French are the evil empire?

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