The Times forced to change misleading climate change advert

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The Advertising Standards Agency sent me a letter the other day in response to a complaint I made (prompted by another blogger who I really can’t remember at the moment, sorry!) about adverts for the Times plastered all over London Underground stations claiming they have more climate change experts than any other newspaper.

The posters have a picture of an ship in icy waters and claim that the North West Passage has just been opened for the first time to commercial shipping.  The poster implies that this story verifies the expertise of their “experts”.

The truth of the matter is that the Canadian government has been licensing commercial shipping through the North West Passage since the 1930’s.  The Vikings navigated the North West Passage using wooden boats as opposed to the huge metal ice breakers used nowadays.  At various times throughout history, the North West Passage has been navigable and at others it has been impassable.  It’s all part of the natural cycle which is being used by eco-fascists to push their environmentalist one world socialist agenda.

News International, the owners of the Times newspaper, have agreed to change their adverts to avoid the Advertising Standards Agency launching a formal investigation.

Still no news on the complaint about the British government’s “drowning puppy” child propaganda advert.

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  1. Daggs (55 comments) says:

    Slightly of track but related. I see the ‘experts’ are now saying the last decade has been the warmest ever (since records began) I have heard it said many times that despite an increase in CO2 emmisions in this time. Temperatures have been falling for the last ten years.
    Confused? i am!

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