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John Prescott’s phoney class war has taken another bizarre twist with the announcement that he has accepted a peerage.

Prezza made a BBC documentary recently all about his class war and in 2005 he even slagged off Tony Bliar’s school “reforms” because they weren’t working class enough.  Yet as Deputy Prime Minister he was on a salary of £134k – more than 9 times the current minimum wage of around £14.5k – and had two grace and favour homes paid for by the taxpayer and a flat paid for by a union as well as his taxpayer-funded constituency home.  And then there were his two armoured, chauffeur-driven Jags that he used to do the shopping and drive his wife up the road so her hair didn’t get blown about.

Like all class warriors that have had a stint lording it over the proles (excuse the pun), Prescott is a millionaire with a hefty ministerial pension which will keep him in the manner to which he has become accustomed and as a member of the House of Lords he’ll be paid £335.50 for every day he hauls his sweaty, pampered arse into the House of Lords.

I can’t decide whether the thought of an unelected millionaire Lord Prescott fighting his phoney class war against other unelected millionaire Lords, all appointed under one of the systems he’s supposedly devoted his life to opposing, could be best described as ironic or hypocritical.  I’m thinking probably both.


  1. axel (1214 comments) says:

    i like Prescott, although i’m fundamentally opposed to a lot of his views, at least he worked in a proper job and he thumped that guy too, which is cool in my book!

  2. Kev (10 comments) says:

    I’ve worked in proper jobs and I’m willing to thump any fucker you like for £335 a day.

  3. Alfie the OK (19 comments) says:

    The tragedy is, as this guy is a moron’s moron, he won’t even know the meaning of ‘ironic’ and ‘hypocritical’..

    It’s a bloody disgrace that this arse has got where he has.

  4. Adeline Larney (1 comments) says:

    its wonderful stuff you’ve got on your blog. Had been looking for details on this all over. Great work

  5. Andy (20 comments) says:

    I heard Prescott vs Zac Goldsmith on Radio 4 the other day. I think JP prefers being in opposition. His main argument was that the tories are for the rich few and Labour are for the many. Two words – Tony ‘The Trough’ Blair. Sorry thats 4.

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