Scientists warn of ice age

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Frozen River Thames - Toasty

Global warming in action

Put your factor 400 sun cream back in the drawer, the National Solar Observatory and US Air Force Research Authority have warned that we could be heading for a mini ice age within a decade thanks to a drop in sun-spot activity.

I remember the tail end of the scaremongering over the impending ice age when I started secondary school and that was 22 years ago.  Back then the scientists were convinced we were about to enter into another ice age, just like they’re convinced now that we’re going to see global warming.  The only difference is that back then the ice age propaganda wasn’t being used by politicians for political gain or to make corrupt scientists very rich and powerful whereas global warming climate change global climate disruption propaganda is.

I wonder what scare it’ll be in another 20 years’ time.


  1. axel (1214 comments) says:

    yeah, its a cyclical thing, the next one up will be a disease, then probably nuclear war again, then back to the weather

  2. Earthling (1 comments) says:

    I remember the big freeze of 1947, but there was no talk of Glowbull cooling of warming back in those days, we were all too busy being happy not to be at war.
    Then along came 1963, that was cold too, still no mention of Glowbull anything.
    Ahh, 1976, what a wonderful summer that was and I would have enjoyed it more if I it wasn’t for that nasty four letter word, WORK.
    The warming alarmists could have had a field day that year, anyone would have bought into a warming planet.

  3. D. Lucas (1 comments) says:

    @Earthling: Perhaps you should look at some evidence rather than bull. It’s sad when people use purely anecdotal evidence to back up their arguments. I remember when I was a child and everything seemed full of promise. Don’t you realise that the people who are lying about climate science are the ones who are shafting you and most other people. 2012 is the second wettest year on record for the UK, the wettest is 2000. And if global warming simply meant everything getting warmer I might agree with you, but look at the damned science for the sake of all that’s good, I beg you. Damn, if “global warming” meant that everything was just getting warmer that would be one thing, but we live in a world that is more complex than that. what you’re effectively sayiny is “roll on global warming, it’s still bloody freezing in my flat”. That isn’t what it means, don’t you understand that?

    And can you not see that man-made changes to the world are much greater than in the past? It seems that you ascribe to an infinite earth theory, based in 19th century thinking, when it is apparent that the earth is finite

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