Team GB? Fuck no!

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Team Britain? Fuck no!The British Olympic Committee have caused outrage in Scotland and Wales by lying in a press release announcing the FA’s (or the English FA as they should more accurately be known) unilateral decision to field an English football team as “Team GB” in the Olympics.

The BOA has claimed that an “historic agreement” has been reached to allow players from all four home nations to play in a GB football team but the Scottish and Welsh FAs have both released statements saying they have been part of no such agreements and they will not take part in “Team GB”.

No Team GB

There is very little support for a “Team GB” football team in the Olympics.  Support is pretty much restricted to British politicians in England, the English FA, the BOA and FIFA.  The corrupt President of FIFA, Sepp Blatter, has said on more than one occasion that there should only be one football team in the UK.   The fan associations of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are all opposed to the idea of a “Team GB” football team, the Scottish FA is opposed to the idea of a “Team GB” football team, the Welsh FA is opposed to the idea of a “Team GB” football team, the Northern Irish FA is opposed to the idea of a “Team GB” football team.  Which event has had the most unsold tickets for the 2012 Olympics?  Yep, football – nobody wants to see an English football team running round the pitch with union flags on their shirts.


  1. axel (1214 comments) says:

    i think the reason, we are not ‘taking part’ is because we have shit players who wont make the cut?

  2. axel (1214 comments) says:

    No, it should stay as the FA, that shows its supremacy and seniority, let the porridge wogs and dirty foreigners add their own national appelation in dim reflection

  3. Geoff, England (22 comments) says:

    Firstly, there’s nothing English about the FA. They’d be more than happy if there were just one ‘national’ team for the entire ‘United’ Kingdom, provided they were running the whole show. The same goes for several other ‘English’ sports governing bodies. To be honest, their sycophantic Britishness makes me embarrassed. You don’t find their counterparts in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland doing the ‘Brit thing’, apart from when there’s some money in it for them.

    Secondly, football shouldn’t be in the Olympics, anyway. It’s way down the Olympic movement’s list of priorities, and the Olympics are way down football’s list of priorities.

    Thirdly, the British Olympic Association should be split into English, Scottish and Welsh Olympic associations. Northern Ireland should be combined with the rest of Ireland, like they are for both rugby codes and cricket, among other sports, especially GAA sports.

    Lastly, I wouldn’t trust any FIFA official when they say that the separate national teams from the Divided Kingdom are under no threat in the future. There’s probably nothing to bind future FIFA officials to any decision taken by the present lot.

  4. Home Rule for England (10 comments) says:

    I think if FIFA insisted that England Scotland and Wales play as a British team then this would fuel demands for independence probably more than any one other issue! Can anyone really see the Scottish playing in the same team as the hated English? I can’t. Independence would be the solution.
    Would FIFA include N.Ireland? In RU they play with S.Ireland.

  5. axel (1214 comments) says:

    can you really see anyone from scotland being good enough to be in a british team?

  6. Smokey Boy (1 comments) says:

    When did this country change its name to ‘Team GB’? I thought this country was called Great Britain. The person that came up with this awful american phrase should be hung, drawn & quartered. This is GREAT BRITAIN. Always has been, ALWAYS will be!

  7. Carl (2 comments) says:

    Anyone that uses the phrase “TEAM GB” should be shot in the head.

  8. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    This country isn’t called Great Britain because that’s a geographic term for the large island that England, Scotland and Wales are on. And my country is England, not “Britain”.

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