Daily Mail poll shows 72% support for English independence

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You won’t see much about this in the press or on TV but yesterday’s poll of the day in the Daily Mail asked Are you in favour of independence for England?

Daily Mail English Independence Poll

Obviously an online poll of this sort isn’t a scientific poll because to be considered to be a representative poll it would need to have weighting applied to account for differences in social banding, geography, age, etc., but even applying weighting wouldn’t turn 71% in favour to a majority in opposition.


  1. JoolsB (5 comments) says:

    Comforting to know that the people of England are beginning to wake up and realise what a lousy deal they are getting out of this so-called union and how badly they have been and continue to be treated by successive UK Governments but will our politicians take any notice or better still ask England just once what it wants whilst they’re bending over backwards to ask Scotland & Wales what they want – I doubt it!

  2. Christopher A (1 comments) says:

    Every poll I have seen shows demand for English Independence to be over 30-40% AT LEAST, the three recent pools I have read(including this one) put demand at 78% then 80% and now this one, at 71% demands for an English Parliament is also high and getting higher, though i wish the e-petition for an English Parliament would reflect that.

    Good to see the English getting more confident in our country, people are now feeling way more English than British, if/when Scotland goes independent then England will follow but in order for that to happen, we need a Government that actually sees England as a nation and not a group of EU regions.

  3. Toby Hamill (1 comments) says:

    I think the people of England know that of all the nations in the Union, about 70% of its GDP is from England, Im a firm believer of English Independence purely because English people are treated the worst in our own society,
    I also believe that If England became independent we could still have a healthy relationship with Scotland

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