Two governments gives Scotland “the best of both worlds”

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I read this, got angry, used some traditional Anglo-Saxon words and then sent the following email to Cowardly Cameron …

I see in the news today that you believe that Scotland having 2 government’s is “the best of both worlds” and that because Scotland has its own devolved government they can make decisions needed “to meet the specific needs of Scotland”.

Can you please explain why you feel that England doesn’t deserve the best of both worlds and why England shouldn’t have its own government to meet the specific needs of England?

You are putting so much effort into making the case for the British union in Scotland that you’re forgetting that the 85% of the population lives in England where we have no self-government, where MPs elected in a different country make our laws and where the case for being part of the British union has never been weaker.

I urge you to end the institutional discrimination against the English and give us the devolved English Parliament that 7 out of 10 English people want.


  1. JoolsB (5 comments) says:

    Well done and Good luck in getting an answer. I sent him a three page letter once pointing out all the ways in which England is discriminated against by UK Governments. It was when £9,000 tuition fees were introduced for our kids only and I reminded him where he gets his support from. I did get a letter back – eventually – from one of his sidekicks of course and the reply did not mention the word England once.

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