NFU launches Buy British campaign in England

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NFU Buy British - only applies to England

Only applies to England

The NFU launched a “Buy British” campaign today to promote “British” food.

Funnily enough, there is no mention of the campaign on the NFU Cymru website or the NFU Scotland website where they are encouraging people to buy Welsh and Scottish respectively.  The NFU England website … doesn’t exist because there is no such thing as NFU England.

The NFU is just another of those racist organisations that has Scottish, Welsh (often Northern Irish) and British arms.  I wouldn’t make a conscious effort to buy “British” anyway because if it’s not English it’s foreign but if there was some campaign that I was inclined to back I certainly wouldn’t do it if the organisation urging me to back it denied the existence of my country.

So fuck you NFU and shove your “Buy British” campaign up your arse.


  1. DougtheDug (17 comments) says:

    “The NFU is just another of those racist organisations that has Scottish, Welsh (often Northern Irish) and British arms.”

    Not quite. The NFU Scotland and the Ulster Farmer Union are separate organisations but on the other hand NFU Wales is a region of the NFU and the NFU itself claims to speak for Britain even though it has no Scottish or NI regions.

    Then again, since even their Welsh offshoot isn’t promoting BuyBritish maybe the NFU should be using an #eatenglish rather than a #buybritish hashtag on twitter.

  2. John (37 comments) says:

    Aprtheid, alive and well in England!, who need’s ‘equality’ when you can have special and preferential treatment!.

    The “UK” is a total farce and a SHAM!, the only thing England get’s out of it is the BILL!.

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