EDF suing eco-terrorists for £5m

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  1. William Gruff (138 comments) says:

    I’m sure I’ll be accused of some sort of ‘relativism’ but this is a matter of perspective. I do not condone trespass and vandalism but I think classifying environmental protestors as terrorists, where their actions have clearly not induced a feeling of terror and could not reasonably be alleged to have done so, is inappropriate and unacceptable. Vandals and trespassers can be dealt with under less draconian legislation, without recourse to ‘anti-terror’ laws. While I do not condone their actions, and certainly do not want my electricity supply interrupted because of them, I can see that they are simply doing what we may ourselves one day feel compelled to do: taking direct action in the pursuit of our cause that, while non violent, is deemed unlawful, even if not generally thought unreasonable.

    Before anyone is carried away by apoplexy, I agree wholeheartedly that those who, for example, send anthrax or letter bombs to vivisectionists are terrorists, since their aim is to kill or maim with the intention of inducing terror in others.

  2. J. Gasper (3 comments) says:

    Unless these eco-terrorists have got £5 million the EDF will be wasting its time won’t it?

    Many of them may not have £5 to their name!

    If you feel strongly about preserving the system of trial by jury please read and comment on my blog


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