McKay Commission fails to answer West Lothian Question

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Sir William McKay


  1. William Gruff (138 comments) says:

    What that smug faced, fat Scotch cunt is saying is that to preserve a union that is intended to create a position of disadvantage for the people of England, purely for the benefit of the Northern Irish, Scotch and Welsh, we must continue to endure a position of disadvantage and must not be allowed to govern ourselves in our own best interests. His position is, put simply, ‘you can’t be allowed the self-determination that we enjoy because we could lose the advantages we enjoy at your expense’. In essence, that was the basis of middle and upper class opposition to social reform in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and it simply won’t wash now. He’ll have to do better than that.

    We’ve suffered a democratic deficit and consequent social, political and economic disadvantage for decades and the position will not be improved any time soon but there are great changes in the wind, across the Channel, across the Atlantic, around the world and threatened at home and abroad by non indigenous hostiles, and the current post-devolution arrangements aren’t going to apply for very much longer. The ‘United’ Kingdom no longer exists and Britishness is now utterly meaningless, seen for the hollow sham it always was. There will be no solution to the West Lothian Question until the imminent collapse of the ‘U’K makes an English Parliament an urgent necessity. Independence for England is the only way forward and the only possible outcome.

  2. Gareth Young (1 comments) says:

    Good analysis, Stuart. Given the terms of reference of the commission it was always going to come up with something that was nonsense, after all if the Barnett Formula falls outside their remit then they simply have to acknowledge that all MPs have a right to vote on English legislation because almost all English legislation has consequences for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

    It was pointless having a commission that could not recommend changes to the Barnett Formula. I’m sure the Westminster Establishment knew that from the beginning.

  3. jamie (4 comments) says:

    Brilliant analysis Stuart. This consultation was always tainted from the start, it should have been presided over by English people and more time taken to take all evidence into consideration.

    All this commission has done is give the nay sayers something else to hide behind when it comes to answering the WLQ.

  4. Alun Palmer (1 comments) says:

    Giving it to Scots to decide was the kiss of death. England should either (a) have a seperate parliament; (b) become independent; or (c) as a last resort, go for a variation of the Labour plan and have multiple parliaments for various nations within England. Labour use the word regions, rather than nations, which is entirely inappropriate if they are to have parity with Scotland and Wales. I suggest that the new (old?) nations should be loosely based upon the heptarchy (Saxon kingdoms) but for obvious reasons also including Londein (London) which was a kingdom before the Saxons came. The others ought to be Cumbria, Deira (the rest of the North), Mercia (W Midlands), Middle Anglia (E Midlands), East Anglia (probably to include Essex and Lindsey (Lincolnshire), although they were never historically part of East Anglia), Dunmonia (Devon/Cornwall) and Wessex (including Sussex and Kent, which Wessex eventually conquered, and including Regia (Surrey), which the kingdom of Sussex had swallowed before that). Exact boundaries to be worked out with much acrimony, LOL!

    • William Gruff (138 comments) says:

      Where on Earth did you dig up that rubbish? Simon Keynes, and others, effectively dismissed the concept of the ‘heptarchy’ twenty five and more years ago. I would advise some more up to date reading before you start making statements on history.

      A single unified kingdom of England appeared in the early tenth century and there is nothing to be gained from breaking it up in pursuit of some cranky antiquarian fantasy.

  5. Bob Anglorum (86 comments) says:

    Any one who attempts to break England up is committing an act of war against the English people. Lets all face it “Great Britain” is over, it has finished, gone, it is no more, there is no such thing as the British. Only the English people have the right to vote and be elected in England, and any such other situations are null and void as are the laws made by such other situations. The “McKay commission” was set up by criminals for a criminal purpose, it is meaningless in England, it is an act of foreign intervention, which is a crime at international law. When the Scots by referendum decided to resurect their government and parliament against the terms of the treaty of union, they nullified the treaty of union, they nullified Great Britain. They do not need a referendum on independance, they have already had it. By continuing to send their nationals into London to interfere with the foreign and domestic affaires of England, which is criminal at international law, they are disturbing world peace, by provoking English retaliation. Under international law England has a right to invade Scotland, and a right to compel United Nations countries to assist in order to prevent the foreign intervention in our country. Under treaty conditions of the United Nations, other nations have no choice but to assist in an invasion of Scotland, unless they forthwith pull their nationals out of any parliament or government having illigitimate powers over England. The Scots people no longer define themselves as her Majesty’s subjects, but as “citizens”, they are foreign nationals, they must leave our country or face the right of retaliation which the English people have, by all known laws. English people are being murdered in the NHS, this is genocide and those who have formed the criminal United Kingdom governments and parliaments will be charged with war crimes and will face capital punishment for their crimes in the same way Hitlers faction were prosecuted and hung. Under Articl 51 of the UN charter and by English law and by the law of nations the English have the right of self defence. This right includes setting up our own de jure parliament, so why do we not just go ahead and do it how many more people to we want to see being killed in the British NHS. How many more children seized and abused by the British bastards, both quasi officials and bastards from overseas in our towns and cities, we need to stop playing their silly games and start taking appropriate actions of self defence. I know the socialists have tried to turn all Englands men into big girls blouses, but its about time we put our trousers and boots back on, we are under attack.

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