RIP Margaret Thatcher

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Margaret ThatcherMargaret Thatcher died peacefully this morning after suffering a stroke.

Baroness Thatcher was a controversial character, loved by the right and viciously hated by the left.  She started off well but during the later years of her term in office the line between strong leader and stubborn dictator were blurred.

While there will be partying in the streets by left wing politicians and trade unionists, most will be saddened by her death.  I grew up in a household that suffered by Thatcher’s later policies and she was certainly far from popular in our family but as time has gone on it is clear that her successors all, without exception, pale in comparison.  I would rather endure a decade under Thatcher of old than a year under these LibLabCon cretins.


  1. Brimstone (1 comments) says:

    It’s never good to rejoice in the death of another human being unless they are truly bad and evil.

    As far as Baroness Thatcher is concerned, she acted with good intentions but did much that has harmed the country in the long term. It was sufficient that she was kicked out of No 10, there is no need for further ill will.

  2. Stan (222 comments) says:

    She died knowing that her Tory party was pushing thousands of sick, old and young people further down into poverty – which is how she would have wanted it.

    • J. Gasper (3 comments) says:

      To say that is what she would have wanted is insulting and a bit childish.
      What policies would you offer to create wealth for all these people?

      • Stan (222 comments) says:

        She deliberately dismantled the welfare state which, on the whole has an adverse effect on the sick, the old and the young. She said it was deliberate in her memoirs the downing street years. I think it’s fairly reasonable to assume that she knew there people would suffer once their support network has been removed so it’s fairly logical to assume that it’s what she wanted.
        That’s not childish.
        You can also read about it here
        I know the effect it had on the sick because my dad was unlucky enough to need a heart bypass during her watch and her changes to the NHS and the employment laws led to him not getting any sick pay for nearly 6 months before he could return to work.
        Not a penny.
        It destroyed my parents savings, my savings and resulted in him relying on collections made by the guys he worked with.
        I was working in the DHSS at the time of the introduction of income support and the social fund so I know the effect it had on the poor as well as the damage she did to the civil service.
        What would I do about sick/young/poor?
        Keep people healthy – thatcher DE-regulated and reduced
        the school meal system meaning that kids had cheap food like chips instead of proper meals. I’d put more money into education so that kids could learn practical skills, people skills and a sense of worth and self respect. I’d build more social housing so that people could put down roots, cut the welfare budget by imposing a rent cap so that we aren’t subsidizing private landlords, and stop the sale of council houses – a third of the ones sold off are now in the hands of private landlords who are renting them.
        There’s lots more but I can hear the snoring already………..

        • Bob Anglorum (86 comments) says:

          If we are saying what we would do, i would abolish the well fare state. Because in the words of the KGB defector Thomas Schuman alias Yuri Bezmenov “explain to them the real dangers of socialist, communist wellfare state, big brother government”
          Under Labour thousands have died in the NHS, an estimated 450,000 a year. People have been and are being murdered in the NHS and others threatened if they try to expose the crime. The victims are mainly elderly, socialists do not like the elderly, they are not so easy to brainwash and remember things from the past. I would abolish all political parties, only twisted evil psychopaths with strange ideological agendas need political parties. The NHS was designed by the communist Fabian Society, their agenda is to destroy our country and establish a socialist world government. You help to do that by indoctrinating the young and killing off the elderly, hence one of the hidden purposes of the glorious NHS. And one of the hidden purposes of political parties, which are “unknown to the law”. The only way the Fabian communists can get into power to destroy our country is masking themselves as “Labour”, “Conservative”, “Liberal Democrat”

  3. William Gruff (138 comments) says:

    Her governments did some good but they did far more harm and many of the ills we suffer today can be traced back to their utterances, actions and policies.

  4. Ðave (21 comments) says:

    I don’t like Margaret Thatcher, I was one of what we used to call Maggie’s Millions, thanks to her I lost a job before I even started!

    On the other hand I well remember what life was like before she came to power – blackouts, 3 day weeks and the “Winter of Discontent”. In a very real sense “Thatcherism” was the direct creation of unrestricted trade unionism where politically motivated trade union leaders elected by a small minority of their members would pose and preen on the national stage whilst the economy went to pot.

    I well remember the miners strike of 1984-5, I was at Teesside Poly at the time, where all the (mostly) middle class revolutionaries on campus had wet dreams about “King” Arthur Scargill and the miners bringing down the (democratically elected) Tory government. In fact the strike itself was the Battle of the Somme of the trade union movement, indeed the comment attributed to the German machine gunners of “Lions led by Donkeys” comes to mind.

    Maggie and her minions had spent 10 years digesting the lessons of the miner strikes that had discredited and brought down the (democratically elected) Heath Government in 1974 and had made sure that they had the right people and laws in place to make sure it was fought on their terms. Scargill and his cronies fought using the now outlawed tactics of flying pickets and mass picketing (intimidation) which caused battles with the police.

    It was here that we saw the real gulf between the revolutionary socialist and the masses they claim to champion. To the likes of Scargill the policeman is an agent of the repressive state and big businesses out to beat down the working man and his self appointed champions. To common folk he is the man who stands between them and rampant criminality, who allows them to walk the streets safely – a gross over simplification I know and sometimes some distance from reality but that is how many people see the police. And in any violent confrontation they, the people whose support the miners desperately needed would side with the police.

    As you may have gathered from the above I have mixed feelings about Maggie Thatcher, she had an impact on the part of the country I live in that was mainly negative. However I have to acknowledge that the local heavy industries were, and had been for many years in decline due to lack of investment and the growth of foreign competition from more efficient producers in low wage economies. What happened in the 1980’s would have happened anyway regardless of who was in power.

    And now we face an even greater crisis, government is spending more than it has got coming in and although the coalition government pays lip service to this items of expenditure such as the bludgeoning foreign aid budget where money is given to countries richer than we are or else largely ending up in dictators Swiss bank accounts, shows a serious reluctance to face the truth.

    The truth is that we can’t afford to spend money on everything we would like to. In all areas of government we will have to sooner or later make hard choices about what we can afford as opposed to what we want. If our political leaders understand this they must be secretly hoping they loose the next election because the next government is in for a rough ride.

  5. John Courtney (1 comments) says:

    It’s soo sad to see such an active member or our parliament go. I think some of her quotes were truely fab and she will be missed by many!

    I recently read an infographic on some of her more noteable quotes: Margaret Thatcher: The Iron Lady – Quotes That Divided A Nation

  6. Bob Anglorum (86 comments) says:

    Margaret Thatcher was at war with the Unions because the Unions were used by socialists to attempt to destroy our country. Her fault lies with the fact that see could not see the innocent people who also were harmed in the battle between fanatic socialism and conservatism. Many people were threatened if they refused to join a union and so risked losing their jobs. The miners were almost being brainwashed by socialism, they thought nothing of going on strike and placing the whole country in difficulty. People were dieing in winter time because of striking miners, how do they feel about that. Probably not much because they were brainwashed selfish bastards. During the miners strike I worked for a building company and the boss had set on some miners. So the miners could claim their strike relief money I had to get up at Four in the morning to supervise them and then they left at two in the afternoon while I worked to Six. Not one of those selfish bastards ever thanked me for that, they were too busy wrapped up in themselves.
    The policy of stopping overpowerful fanatic and dangerous socialists from using unions to attack the country was totally right. The missing factor now I am older and wiser is that Thatcher despite her protesting was at the hands of European powers. Who since 1952 with the “European Coal and Steel Community” have had an agenda to destroy or control our countries minning and manufacturing capabilities. The socialist unions were in collusion with Europe against our country, they engineered the battle between Thatcher and Coal and all the miners were duped to follow the socialist line, hence we now do not have a Coal industry, or fishing industry or steel industry. The miners shot themselves in the foot and deprived future generations of work by allowing themselves to be duped by traitorous socialist fanatics. I can get over having to work a thirteen hour day to help the miners without any thanks, but the part they played in helping socialism destroy our country I can not get over. If miners children are now unemployed and their parents want someone to blame, look in the mirror. They can turn their backs on Thatcher but are they going to turn their backs on themselves for the part they played in the destroying of England.

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