Subway Surf never ending magnet bug

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Here’s a gift for the Subway Surf fans out there: I’ve found a bug that will give you a never-ending magnet (at least until you’re caught).

The other night I was lying in bed playing Subway Surf (as you do) and was approaching a jetpack when I accidentlly swiped into a train, allowing the secuity guy to catch me up.  As I was pickig up the jetpack I swiped into a train again, allowing the security guard to catch me.  Except he stayed on the ground while my character flew into the air upside down as if being held up by one leg with magnet in hand.  Capture avoided.

What was interesting though was that after the jetpack ran out my character dropped to the ground again and still had the coin magnet in hand even after the timer bar had run out.  My curiosity got the better of me and I crashed into a barrier to se if I was invincible.  I  wasn’t but was a bit wealthier than I was when I started!

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  1. Izabell (1 comments) says:

    I’ll try it out. But I found another glitch. The other day I was playing subway surfers, and when I crashed into a train on my left, My character kept running and did not die. The inspector was gone as well.But my points didn’t go up. But the very next day, I kept doing the glitch and when I got stuck, (like the glitch did yesterday) , my points kept moving up. Until I got a high score and died. It’s like an infinite glitch. I kept my phone charged and left it running and running until I died. It’s awesome. ????

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