We all have something to hide and we all have something to fear

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  1. Ray Veysey (@rayveysey) (1 comments) says:

    “protecting the innocent” “nothing to fear”
    Until they change the rules !
    The unelected European commission, including a number of ex communists, have changed and ignored every inconvenient rule at will. Who is to say who is safe ?

  2. Bob Anglorum (86 comments) says:

    Psychopaths have been engineering a “new world order” for some time, using cult organisations like the Freemasons and the Fabian Society. Under “socialism” they are responsible for the murder of millions of people who had nothing to hide. But merely objected to or did not fit in with the “new world order”. Many of these killings were even just for fun, once socialists have duped people to support “Utopia” and “the brotherhood of man” either by election or revolution, evil rats who use any excuse to kill people with nothing to hide come out of the woodwork. People have been murdered by socialists for wearing spectacles, because they looked as if they might be intelligent. This evil is now lodged in our principle political parties who are becoming ever more dangerous and psychopathic, they certainly have something to hide.

    • Stan (222 comments) says:

      Freemasons are socialist? Cool, I’ll definitely be looking at the Duke of Kent – the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, in a different light. And when the revolution comes I also look forward to manning the barricades alongside the Duke of Edinburgh.
      I’m not sure about “Brotherhood of Man” as I much prefer “Radiohead”. I do have a Boney M album though if that helps.
      I also didn’t realise that NHS glasses were only brought in to weed out the overly intelligent for murder. My problem is that both my girlfriend and I are socialists, but she wears glasses. Does that mean that I have to shoot her?

  3. Bob Anglorum (86 comments) says:

    Well Stan, in the true socialist manner you seem to think that mass murder is a joking matter. Are you realy disputing that the greatest mass murderers in human history were socialists. Look again at the photographs Stan, all this suffering and killing is being committed by socialists. Are you in the Fabian Society? perhaps you agree with one of it’s founders George Bernard Shaws statements, ” we should be committed to killing a great many people, those unfit to live” or Sydney Webb “our final act will be a civil war”. These are socialists Stan, making socialist statements of intentions to committ mass murder. Perhaps you voted for Tony Blair, the man who lied to the world so as people in Iraq could be murdered. Perhaps you are unaware that under him people in the NHS were being murdered, this is socialism. Or perhaps you belong to some other form of socialism and your spectacles are rose tinted. Enjoy your Boney M, lets hope you can not hear all the screams in the background when people are being rooted out tortured and murdered by your socialist allies. Come the revolution, hey.

    • Stan (222 comments) says:

      I am a pacifist and I do not believe that murder of anyone is justified or funny. If you think that “in the true socialist manner” that “you seem to think that mass murder is a joking matter” then you obviously know very little about socialism.
      I don’t need to look at those photos again. For your information my family background is Romany and both Hitler and Stalin were responsible for the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of my people. A mass murderer is a criminal no matter what politics they pledge allegiance to. And by the way, Hitler was not a socialist, he tended to kill socialists as a matter of principle, (but then again, so did Stalin).
      The sad fact is there have been scores of genocides throughout history committed by all sorts of political, religious and ethnic groups and none of them can ever be justified. To just pick on the ones committed by left-wing groups seems a little odd to me.
      No I am not a Fabian if that’s of any relevance. As for using quotes, I could google “right wing quotes” or “Nazi quotes” and use them against you here but they would be no more relevant to todays right-wing UK politics as yours are to todays left-wing UK politics.
      No I didn’t vote for Tony Blair. I am a socialist and he isn’t. In fact I protested against his war in Iraq on a number of occasions – did you?

      You talk of “Psychopaths” “engineering a “new world order””. You unite Freemasons and Fabians under the socialist banner.
      You state “This evil is now lodged in our principle political parties”, our main parties being Tory, Labour and the Liberals – all distinctly to the right of socialism and yet you seem to assume they are part of a socialist conspiracy.

      I don’t think that mass murder is a joking matter, but your ramblings are.

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