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Left wing think tank, IPPR, has produced a follow-up to the one released in January 2012 which documented the rise in English identity and warned that ignoring the disadvantages that England faces as a result of asymmetric devolution would threaten the union.

British by Birth, English by the Grace of GodThis time, though, they have included questions on the EU and the correlation between euroscepticism and the English identity and made a surprising (for them) discovery: the party that most people believe will stand up for England’s interests is UKIP.

The latest report finds that the rise in English identity at the expense of British has held up against the onslaught of state-sponsored British nationalism during the Olympics and the royal wedding. English remains the dominant national identity in England.

The correlation between euroscepticism and national identity is very interesting – over half of people who identify as English more than British are in favour of leaving the EU but only a third of those who identify as more British than English are similarly minded.

There is also a direct link between euroscepticism and dissatisfaction with England’s treatment in the British union post-devolution. A massive 91% of people who think we should leave the EU think that MPs elected in Scotland shouldn’t be allowed to vote on English matters and 71% think that the British government can’t be trusted to look after England’s interests. 21% of English people think that UKIP is the party that can be most trusted to stand up for England’s interests – the first time none of the above hasn’t topped the poll.

Only 1 in 5 English people support the current form of government and 78% of English people (eurosceptic or not) think that Scotland should pay for services out of their own taxes.

More UKIP supporters identify themselves as English more than British than any other party – 55% of those polled. They are also the most dissatisfied with the status quo with 49% supporting English independence. Surprisingly, only 90% of UKIP supporters want to leave the EU.

Given the choice of local government, Westminster and the EU, 31% of English people think the EU has the most influence over the way England is run. This is by far the highest percentage anywhere in the EU – Brittany, Upper Austria and Galicia are joint second with only 9%. England , as opposed to the UK, is without doubt the most eurosceptic country in the EU.

It’s time for UKIP to accept that the majority – in fact, almost all – of the party’s support is in England. Almost every elected representative the party has was elected in England. The Scots aren’t eurosceptic -only a third of all Scots are in favour of leaving the EU and some of those are pro-independence so would never vote UKIP. We are the party most trusted by the English to represent English interests.

You don’t have to be a genius to realise that UKIP’s future is in England and leading the call for fairness and equality for the English. The first step should be to finally draw a line under the ridiculous anti-devolution policy that has been losing us votes for years and start promoting an English Parliament.



  1. axel (1214 comments) says:


    Actually, old chap, i think you’ll find that you oily tics in the West Midlands receive more money from Westminster than we do!

    • wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

      Not according to the British Treasury – https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/179554/pesa_2011_chapter9.pdf.pdf

      Scotland got £10,212 per head last year in identifiable public spending and the West Midlands got £8,616 per head. The table (page 115) starts at 2005-06 financial year and from that year onwards the ~2 grand gap has been maintained in favour of Scotland,

      • Stan (222 comments) says:

        The problem is that the public spending figures don’t take into account the underspend on areas which are not broken down by region (such as defense) and the fact that the Scots pay more tax per capita than the English – over the last 30 years it averages about £1350 a year more, when adjusted for inflation.
        On top of that, Scotland’s share of the deficit is substantially lower. In fact around 1% of Scotland’s GDP travels down south of the border.
        In fact the Barnett formula, used to calculate the figures, is widely criticized by all sides for its inaccuracies.


        You might also want to google the Times article entitled “Scots rejoice as subsidy junkie myth laid to rest” (which you need a subscription for unfortunately) or the calculations made by the economist Professor Andrew Hughes Hallet

      • axel (1214 comments) says:

        Most excellent, i have been looking for this data for ages 😀

  2. axel (1214 comments) says:

    I do think UKIP are successful down your way because they provide a credible alternative to Larry, Moe & Curly, in the 3 mainstream parties.

    Up here we haver Alec Salmond, you have Farage, give him time to iron out any difficulties and he might bne a real threat

  3. axel (1214 comments) says:

    Wonko, what are your thoughts on, ‘Scotland produces 9.8% of british money but only gets 9.6% back’, this figure is apparently released by the Natuional Audit Office

  4. Bob Anglorum (86 comments) says:

    “Scotland produces 9.8% of British money but only gets 9.6% back” Sounds rubbish to me, Scotland “produces” no money what so ever. Money is produced by private individuals under cover of the Bank of England, this “money” is lent to the British government as “national debt”. It no longer is even “money”, it’s just pieces of paper promising to give the holder of the piece of paper a number of “pounds”. Which used to be allegedly backed up by gold and silver, but is now backed up with fresh air. So Scotland produces 9.8% of fresh air but only gets 9.6% of fresh air back. The point is as we fight amongst ourselves, someone else is always having the last laugh. The issues between England and Scotland are issues of preserving their national identity, their culture and their freedom, this force should be used to unite the nationalists against those who like the Bank of England whose members are secret, want to destroy our nations, with entities like Great Britain and the European Union. If English nationalists and Scottish nationalists keep bickering against each other, the destroyers of our countries will succeed. Scottish nationalists should be worried that their leaders want to break them away from GB only to put them back into a situation of cryptic slavery in the EU. This is what the English people sense and what the Scots should be sensing, this is why Andrew Duff MEP, leader of the European federalists stated “the English need to be defeated”. Not the Scottish, because you keep falling for the plot, because of your blind hatred for England which obscures your sense of reality and truth. Those who promote the EU should take a look at our past when some ancient Britons were telling people to speak Latin and wear the toga and speaking of “civilisation”, the Roman Empires scribes wrote “these were just a feature of their enslavement”. It’s only the English who are having the will to uphold the spirit of Boudica and her war cry “the truth against the world”. The Scots will not join the English, but will they join Boudica, will they seek the truth against the world, or are they destined to become English hating slaves of the hidden hands of banking. What do you chose, people of Scotland, William Wallace said the English will “never take our freedom”, we are more bothered about our own freedom, but what would Wallace have said about your hidden masters the banking elites?

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