Michael Fabricant wants discrimination against English in the constitution

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Tory MP Michael Fabricant has called for a new Act of Union to establish the principal of institutional discrimination against England in constitutional law.

Vote For Change - England Need Not ApplyFabricant wants a new Act of Union which will ban British MPs elected in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland from voting on devolved matters in England, only allowing British MPs elected in England to vote on them.  This would make an English Parliament unconstitutional, explicitly denying equal rights for the people of England.

Mark Wallace, the executive editor of Conservative Home, has written an article Michael Fabricant is right, we must give political equality to England in which he explains how England shouldn’t be given equality by refusing to create an English Parliament with the same powers as the Scottish Parliament but should instead settle for the unworkable fudge that is English Votes on English Laws (EVoEL).

Wallace (who claims to be an avowed libertarian) is typical of the British nationalist Tories – opinion polls show that a majority of people want an English Parliament but because that’s not the Tory way of thinking it has to be opposed.  That’s certainly not libertarian thinking.


  1. stan (222 comments) says:

    Does the Scottish EU Region simply have non Scottish elected “UK” MP’s banned from ‘interfering’ in their little subsidy drunk little EU Region’s affairs? NO! they have their ‘own’ separate Parliament and ‘own’ separate Government! and England shall have the SAME thank you very much! – if it’s good enough for Scotland then it’s good enough for England!!!.

  2. Stan (222 comments) says:

    Hi Wonko

    The first post on this subject has my name on it, but it isn’t from me. Could you look into it for me please? Just check the ip or email address to see if it matches my other posts?

  3. Chris (8 comments) says:

    How can you have a nation if it’s not ran by the people who’s Coutry it is?
    time for an English Parliament what ever the cost!

    • axel (1214 comments) says:

      Once we are gone, you will only have the Welsh to worry about, half the Irish, vote for the govermnent whjoever they are and the other half abstain

  4. The Illusive Man (10 comments) says:

    What’s the official UKIP policy on an English Parliament these days?

  5. Old Albion (4 comments) says:

    No one knows ‘illusive man’ and gawd knows i’ve tried to find out.

    • The Illusive Man (10 comments) says:

      I’m pretty sure it used to be that they supported on government for the whole of the UK – a pre-devolution scenario, and not a specific Parliament for England. I think the national governments for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are too embedded in their respective areas these days, and it would be political suicide to try and unravel that mess…

      I hear different policies from different people, but I think a lot of it will now have to depend on the outcome of the referendum on Scottish independence from the rest of the UK…

  6. Bob Anglorum (86 comments) says:

    I found an old newspaper clipping from the Suffolk Chronical of 3/8/1839 which goes “Old George the third was afraid of too great great ignorance of the people. He said to himself “I’ll give these poor wretches a little knowledge, or for want of it they will break my crown around my head”….and now a Newcastle collier can tell you the constitutional right of all adult Englishmen to arms and universal suffrage as well as Blackstone himself”
    Stuff the British, this is a fake identity with a fake constitution, the sooner we realise that the English hold all the cards in England, then our freedoms will come. If the fake British attack us we can use our constitutional rights, thanks Mr Blackstone. If they use arms against us we can also invoke Article 51 of the United Nations Charter, “all nations have a right to defend themselves”. The English are a nation with a country called England, the British are a bunch of psychopathic fascists with an agenda formulated by secret societies. The “Illuminati”, the “Freemasons” the “Fabian Society”, these are the people who want to be “British”. These are the enemies of English freedom and the English nation, they are using psychological warfare against us, this has been defined as an act of genocide. No doubt some “British” will view some of these remarks, my message to you is, you are scum.

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