Anti-terrorism police try to intimidate 12 year old youth club protest organiser

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A 12 year old boy has been pulled out of class and interviewed by the police for organising a protest about the closure of his youth club outside David Cameron’s constituency office.

David Cameron

These kids is disrespectin’ me init?

The police told the boy that anti-terrorism police were investigating him and that he would be held responsible and arrested if there was any trouble at the protest. They also told him that anti-terrorism police would be watching his posts on Facebook and tried to talk him out of holding the protest.

The protest went ahead on Friday with 13 people and six police officers.


  1. William Gruff (138 comments) says:

    He’s learnt young that protest in a Liberal social democracy isn’t allowed. Only uncomplaining obedience is acceptable.

    He’s also learnt that ‘The Police’ are nothing more than a nuisance at best to law abiding, tax paying citizens, and a serious threat to the life and liberty of anyone who dares to protest.

  2. Bob Anglorum (86 comments) says:

    I looked up “terrorism” in my dictionary to find the following-

    “Terrorism, n…..Method of government by inspiring terror by acts of brutality and savagery”

    Can someone buy the police a dictionary before I get charged with war crimes for putting my bin out on the wrong day. Is it any wonder the general public are starting to see the police as fools, when the enjoy so much to play the part.

    As if kabbalha Dave is frightened of a 12 year old school boy, when his anscestors were involved in the wonderful art of summoning demons from hell using the “Lesser Key of Solomon”. This would constitute “terrorism” and has led to acts of brutality and savagery. Dave perhaps learnt about this in the Phoenix Common Rooms at Uni, he may of been able to send a demon to subdue the boy, this could have saved a fortune in policing costs. Baal and Amon should be put in charge of the Met, so taxation can be reduced and little boys put in their place. See if they can get that one through parliament, it would’nt surprise me.

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