Weather Channel founder says man-made climate change is “no longer scientifically credible”

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The co-founder of the Weather Channel has said that man-made climate change is “no longer scientifically credible”.

John Coleman

John Coleman says:

The ocean is not rising significantly.

The polar ice is increasing, not melting away. Polar Bears are increasing in number.

Heat waves have actually diminished, not increased. There is not an uptick in the number or strength of storms (in fact storms are diminishing).

I have studied this topic seriously for years. It has become a political and environment agenda item, but the science is not valid.

There is no significant man-made global warming at this time, there has been none in the past and there is no reason to fear any in the future.

Efforts to prove the theory that carbon dioxide is a significant greenhouse gas and pollutant causing significant warming or weather effects have failed.

There has been no warming over 18 years.

Princeton University climatologist, William Happer, supports Coleman’s comments:

No chemical compound in the atmosphere has a worse reputation than CO2, thanks to the single-minded demonisation of this natural and essential atmospheric gas by advocates of government control and energy production.

The incredible list of supposed horrors that increasing carbon dioxide will bring the world is pure belief disguised as science.

The global warming scam has made a lot of “scientists” very rich, not to mention the politicians and scaremongers who have promoted the scam to get rich off their “green” investments. Authoritarian politicians have seized on global warming as a way of extracting more taxes out of us and controlling more of our lives. Smart meters are being installed in millions of homes and it’s only a matter of time before a law is passed to make these government-controlled remote control kill switches mandatory. It has always been about greed and power and those that are benefiting from it won’t give up that power and wealth willingly.


  1. Stan (222 comments) says:

    Oh dear

    Firstly John Coleman is a businessman, not a scientist.

    Secondly the NIPCC – the organisation behind the study – is a well-known right-wing political organisation funded by US businesses including ExxonMobil, The American Petroleum Institute and Donor’s Capital Fund, (an organisation founded to keep business donations annonymous).
    The quote from the InterAcademy Council is taken completely out of context from the Statement on Tropical Forests and Climate Change, a study which actually puts forward actions that must be taken to reduce carbon dioxide omissions by 2050.

    I think it speaks volumes that the arguments for climate change are made by scientists (over 98% believe it’s true), whereas the arguments against are made by businessmen, largely connected with the petrochemical industry.

    • wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

      It’s a common argument that this or that organisation that disagrees with the global warming scam is unreliable because they’re linked to oil companies or the like. Why does that make them any less reliable than the so-called scientists that are making a fortune out of peddling global warming propaganda, the “green” organisations like Friends of the Earth or Greenpeace who are raking in the cash and basking in the media limelight because of it, the “green” lobbyists who are making a fortune for themselves and their clients from the legislation and policies they’re influencing or the academic institutions that have a virtually limitless supply of taxpayer funding to put 2 and 2 together and come up with 666?

      It speaks volumes that the people who bang the drum the loudest for the global warming scam are the people who get the most power and money from it.

      • Stan (222 comments) says:

        Hi Wonko

        To be fair, much (if not most) of the evidence pointing towards global warming through industry is done independently by educational establishments, whereas all of the evidence put forward against is done by politically or economically motivated groups. The entire US economy depends on the fact that oil is only traded in dollars. If the oil market ceased the dollar would collapse, closely followed by the US economy.

        I think that the problem we have is that governments and organisations use it as a means of raising cash. There seems little point to me in increasing taxes in the name of saving the planet and then doing little or nothing to change the way that industries work. If anything, we should be rewarding people (and businesses for that matter) for doing their bit. Invest and create new industries rather than inflict punitive measures.

        Whether or not you believe in industry led climate change, eventually we are going to run out of fossil fuels so it makes sense to invest in sustainable energy while we still have the oil and gas to see us through the change.

  2. Bob Anglorum (86 comments) says:

    It is obvious that over time the climate alters, but the question has always been, is man responsible for creating an alteration. Personally I think man has created some climate alteration, but not in the way you might think.

    There are fascist organisations who are desperate to form a world government, that is a fact. Generally these fascists occupy the left wing, but no one should be delluded they include many wealthy business men, things are not black and white. To form a world government you have to convince the need for one, and global warming has been pushed as one of the principle reasons to form such.

    You can shout “conspiracy theorist”. But just go out yourself and observe the skies for what are being called “chemtrails”. Where jet aircraft now fly in many cases with long streams of smoke in their wake. A condensation trail (contrail) evapourates fairly quickly, these chemtrails hang in the air for a long time. Definately something is being sprayed into the atmosphere, and if this is causing global warming, then it is man made.

    Just search chemtrails on the net and you will see what I mean, then go and see them for yourself. There is definately something strange there. My advice is whether left or right never fall into the trap of accepting a world government, even if global scorching turns up.

    I would agree with Stan in as much as it makes good sence to keep pollution to a minimum. And agree with wonko in as much as green issues per se have become a money making industry for many of the pushers.

    • Stan (222 comments) says:

      Hi Bob

      To be honest, much as I find conspiracy theories fascinating, I’m not a great believer in them. However, I’d be a lot more skeptical about chemtrails if I didn’t know about the antics of the United States Radium Corporation in St Louis or the St Jo program.

  3. Bob Anglorum (86 comments) says:

    Hi Stan, I always find it odd that some people do not believe in conspiracies. As if the Freemasonry ,the Fabian Society and any other shifty organisations just chat amongst themselves about the weather?

    But glad to see you are asking a few questions concerning these American corporations. The thing with Chemtrails is you can see them with your own eyes, and if there is a reasonable explanation then why do governments not communicate that to the public? Instead of fobbing people off and keeping quiet on the matter.

    It is not just America the British government have done some nasty business on occasions. If you get chance to read “Inside Britain, A Guide to the UK Constitution”, go to page 52 top right and you will read the following-

    “Requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act have covered all kinds of topics. It has been revealed under the Act that……the cancer causing chemical cadmium was released over Norwich by government scientists in the 1960’s to test how it would disperse in the air”

    • Stan (222 comments) says:

      Hi Bob

      I don’t dismiss all conspiracy theories out of hand, it’s just that I always question everything I hear and tend to be skeptical about anything without evidence.
      The reason that the release of chemical and radioactive agents is not a “conspiracy theory” is that it has been confirmed in official de-clasified documents – otherwise in the eyes of the general public it would be just another story told by the “crackpots”
      The main reason that I’m highly skeptical of UKIP is because most of their support comes from scaremongering rather than anything factual. If you read a transcript of any speech or interview done by farage it doesn’t take very long to pick it to pieces and expose it as, at best bollocks, at worst lies. Unfortunately that’s true of the main parties too.

      I know a few Freemasons and if they are anything to go by most gatherings would consist of discussions about cars, car insurance, bbq’s and football.

      Do I believe that Chemtrails are used to release unknown agents into the air for nefarious reasons? Well it’s certainly possible in theory, but incredibly unlikely. It seems a very hit and miss way of doing things, it would leave too much traceable evidence in the atmosphere and there are far more reliable ways of doing it – food chain, water supply etc….
      On top of all that, it has been refuted by countless reputable and independent institutions.
      Do I believe that we are being manipulated in other ways? Certainly, we have advertising, sound-bytes, a pro-tory media etc…… (actually, I’d recommend watching “century of the self” on youtube if you want to see the power of Freudian manipulation in advertising)

      Getting back on topic slightly, the reason I don’t believe the climate change skeptics is that the only actual “scientific” evidence I can find that supports their cause comes from a right-wing pressure group with a definite republican political agenda using highly dubious data – the same organization that the US tobacco industry used for decades to “prove” that health scares about cigarettes were over-stated and passive smoking was harmless.

      • Bob Anglorum (86 comments) says:

        Hi Stan,
        You have to remember that while things may become officially confirmed, it tends not to happen untill some thirty years after the event. And untill that point they remain “conspiracy theories”, because the government can and does refuse to comment on the issue of concern.

        You also have to understand that when a freemason joins his lodge, he is threatened with barbaric reprisals if he reveals Masonic activiy to the public. The most severe being having his bowels torn out and left to die. And make no mistake there has been many a Masonic murder. There is also another position where when someone may generally state the “Freemasonry”, there are also secret societies which exist within the Freemasonry, the most famous being the “Illuminati”

        With Chemtrails the theory is that, which is a known fact, certain groups of people want to establish themselves as a “world government”. If they can panic the people of countries to go along with the setting up of a world governement, then the better for them. So “global warming” is suspected to be that, “we are all going to die” if the “international community” do not do something, so they say.

        Chemtrails would be the perfect way to encourage some global warming, so as to have effect on the weather. Contamination of food and water could not mimic the notion of “man made climate change”. If the problem was as serious as some declare then why are these jet aircraft allowed to fly around in ever greater numbers with long trails of pollution behind them. If we are all going to die if things do not change, then stop the bloody jets for starters.

        As regards political parties I agree totally, none of them can be trusted, the whole system is a failure. If UKIP gain power they will be sucked into the new world order programme like the other main parties. The process requires a ranting party so as to make it look like there is some kind of choice. Some people suspect that Farage is already under some form of control. I dont know about that, but it would certainly be true to form if he were.

        • Stan (222 comments) says:

          Hi Bob

          I agree with what you say about official confirmation, but that was more or less the point I was making. I always question everything, government statements and conspiracy theories alike because everyone has an agenda. What I don’t like about conspiracy theorists is the “believe one, believe all” culture that seems to exist. Secondly, because most of these theories originate in the US, there is a general “commie conspiracy” thing going on.
          A lot of wacko ideas aren’t treated as conspiracies because of a large consensus of opinion. Religion has always been used to manipulate, suspicion of race or creed too. You’ve only got to look back at some of the posts on this blog over the last few to see the Scots blamed for all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff.

          I don’t actually believe that the average mason is a prospective member of the Illuminati. I’m sure that most see it as a boys-only drinks club and consider themselves a bunch of fine fellows who raise a great deal of money for charity.
          What the guys in charge are up to, on the other hand, is anyone’s guess.
          It wasn’t until fairly recently that it was revealed that there’s more than three degrees in the hierarchy of masonry (there’s more than thirty), which was a bit of surprise to the rank and file.

          My problem with the world government theory is not that I don’t believe that certain people want to rule the world, I’m sure they do, but that a world government wouldn’t be very stable. You need an enemy for your subjects to fear. Before it was the commies, now it’s Muslims or foreigners in general. As far as I can see, people will always feel happier with a government that keeps us safe from “them”. Once our elections get going you’ll start to see more terrorist alert and arrest stories and a complete lack of coverage of the fact that the vast majority of those detained are released without charge. You never know, there might be another royal event too.

          I’m not sure that I get the logic of using chem trails to destroy the very planet that you want to rule.

          Ukip another choice? Not sure that being more tory than tory is much of an alternative. We have three other main parties that are lurching to the right, I’m not sure we need another.
          Farage is just another career politician. He’s a public schoolboy, an ex-tory, ex-company director with a background in the stock exchange, who receives hundreds of thousands of pounds from the very European organization that he’s supposed to be against. That’s without mentioning the story concerning the two million pound expenses paid by taxpayers that came out in 2009

          • Bob Anglorum (86 comments) says:

            Hi Stan,
            The lack of logic is the very description of the upper levels of the Freemasonry. These people are power crazed lunatics, they are terrorists. They engineer wars and revolutions, they worship the Devil, have you not noticed one of their members trying to start a “revoluition” in London by pretending to be a “socialist”. An idiot who works for the Freemasonry. As George Orwell realised “you start a revolution in order to create a dictatorship”

            I can leave you with two quotes-

            in the citie of

            Having thought it needful to warn you of the mischiefs and evils pacticed in the sight of God by those called Freed Masons. I say take care lest their ceremonies and secret swearings take hold of you; and be wary that none cause you to err from Godliness. For this devilish sect of men are meeters in secret which swear against all without their following. They are the anti Christ which was to come leading men from fear of God. For how should men meet in secret places and with secret signs taking care that none observe them to do the work of God; are not these the ways of evil-doers.
            Knowing how that God observeth privilly them that sit in darkness they shall be smitten and the secrets of their hearts layed bare.Mingle not among this corrupt people lest you be found so at the worlds conflagration.

            Set forth as a warning to this Christian generation by M. Winter, and printed by R. Sare[?] at Grays Inn-gate in Hol????, 1698.”

            “To you, Sovereign Grand Instructors, we say this, that you may repeat it to the Brethren of the 32nd, 31st and 30th degrees. The Masonic religion should be, by all us initiates of the high degree, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine” (Albert Pike, July 14th 1889)

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