SNP MPs will start voting on English laws after election

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The new First Minister of Scotland and leader of the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon, has announced that SNP MPs will start voting on devolved matters in England after the election.

Currently, the SNP have a self-imposed ban on voting on things affecting England that are devolved in Scotland. They have broken that rule from time to time but on the whole they have refrained from interfering in matters over which they have no moral or democratic mandate. However, this looks set to change in May and we can expect to see SNP MPs voting on things affecting England that they can’t vote on in their own constituency because it’s devolved to the Scottish Parliament.

Sturgeon’s argument that MPs elected in Scotland can claim a legitimate interest in English affairs because it affects the amount of money they get from the Barnett bribe isn’t a new one. A Scottish MP whose name I can no longer remember said the same on the day the Tories announced English Votes on English Laws as their policy many years ago and of course he and the SNP are absolutely correct – EVoEL is nothing more than a sop to voters to con them into thinking the British are righting a wrong without actually doing anything.

The only way to answer the West Lothian Question is to devolve power to England just as it has in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Not by reorganising local government in English cities and pretending it’s devolution but by creating an English Parliament with an English executive with at least the same powers as the Scottish Parliament and abolishing the outdated and discredited Barnett Formula. If devolution is needed at a sub-national level in England – and it probably does – then what is devolved and how it is done is a matter for the English Parliament to decide just like it would be for the Scottish Parliament to decide in Scotland, the Welsh Assembly in Wales and the Northern Irish Assembly in Northern Ireland. Local government is a devolved issue so it’s not an appropriate decision for the British government to make, especially as any devolved assembly within England would have to be subordinate to the English Parliament.

Sturgeon’s decision to start voting on devolved matters in England is a clever one because it will increase the already sizeable outrage on this side of the border at MPs elected in Scotland interfering with English domestic affairs. If the demands for change get loud enough the British will be forced to do something and that will go some way to closing the democratic deficit between England and Scotland. If the Scots think that they aren’t getting enough of an advantage over England then support for the SNP will increase. It will also allow the SNP to say that they had no choice but to abandon their principals and fight against the cuts in England to save the Scottish NHS which will again increase support for the SNP.

However this plays out, the SNP and Scotland can’t lose. As usual.

Nicola Sturgeon


  1. William Gruff (138 comments) says:

    This is excellent news for England. The more of us who have to suffer so that the Scotch don’t, the more the demand for an English Parliament will grow.

    And you’re wrong, the Scotch will be the losers in the end and we will have the last laugh. The ‘U’K out of the EU and then England out of the ‘U’K.

  2. Old Albion (4 comments) says:

    Some pollsters are predicting 50+ SNP seats after the election. Imagine Miliband’s anti-English Labour party plus the SNP governing England.
    I feel a Civil war coming on……………..

    • William Gruff (138 comments) says:

      Pollsters’ predictions are invariably wildly inaccurate but if they do win that many seats we can expect an English Parliament to be a serious campaign issue in 2020, even if a Labour/SNP coalition smashes England into a number of ‘regional’ fragments.

      A tartan/red coalition could conceivably herald the end of the Conservative and Unionist Party, as those who fear losing seats in an English call to electoral arms abandon the derelict and drifting hulk that is the current Tory party.

      Two things one can be certain of with the Scotch: 1) they’ll never pass up an opportunity to cut off their McNoses to spite our English faces and 2) they can never resist the opportunity to take enough rope and more to well and truly hang themselves. Hitherto, they’ve relied upon us to cut them down before things go too far but this time they’ll be left hanging.

      A tartan spectacled British tyranny is very good news for England. The ‘U’K will be history by 2030.

      • Bob McMahon (14 comments) says:

        Let’s suppose “those who fear losing seats in an English call to electoral arms” abandon the Tory party. Where do they go from there? There isn’t a mainstream party that goes out to bat for England in the way Plaid does for Wales, never mind the way the SNP does for Scotland.

        • William Gruff (138 comments) says:

          That’s a difficult one, isn’t it. I hadn’t thought of that. Hmm, what might anyone worth electing do if the party he is a member of becomes an electoral liability in England, Bob McJock-Surname?

          What could English MPs who fear losing their seats through affiliation with a Scotchaholic British party do? What could they do?

          Answers on an English postcard please, Bob McJock-Surname, and postage paid in English stamps, and at an English post office.

          Answer came there none.

          • Bob McMahon (14 comments) says:

            My ancestors were Irish, not Scots, but it’s where I come from (England), not where my great-grandfather came from, that counts. MPs who fear losing their seats through affiliation to British parties could try forming a new party, but we’ve seen from the way that the Westminster cartel and their media allies have done everything they can to scupper UKIP, that a new party will never get a fair shake. If UKIP, a party just as dedicated to the British state as the LibLabCon cartel is seen as a threat, then a party that might want England out of the ‘Union’ will be sabotaged very quickly.

            By the way, who are those ‘English MPs’ you mentioned? All I see is British MPs with English seats.

    • Bob McMahon (14 comments) says:

      The SNP might well get 50% or more of the votes cast in Scotland in May, but 50 or more seats? No way. Like most parties, they have areas where they’re far stronger than in others. They’d probably consider 30ish seats a good return, and if they can make inroads into the Labour heartlands in the central belt, they’ll be happy.

  3. Bob Anglorum (86 comments) says:

    The reality is that the British parliament already has no legitimate powers over England. What is needed, is for the English to tell it as it is, to the “British”, how does “Sod Off” sound. I am not a “UK tax payer” or a “British citizen”, these are made up, bogus and criminal entities. I am an English tax payer, and a subject of the English throne with constitutional rights, and international rights. If a bunch of shit stirring foreigners come down from Scotland, that will be a matter for the law of England.

    • Bob McMahon (14 comments) says:

      I’m not a subject at all. I’m a citizen.

      • Bob Anglorum (86 comments) says:

        If you live in England you are either a subject of the Kingdom, an enemy of the Kingdom, or an alien. If you live in a corporation city, then you may say you are a “citizen”, but you are still a subject of the Kingdom. It’s not a matter of choice it’s a matter of law.

        There is no such thing as a “British citizen”. Even the “United Kingdom of Great Britain” has subjects not “citizens”. The use of the word “citizen” has a political introduction, and as such is still below constitutional law. If you knew what a “citizen” really meant you would not be so eager to choose it.

        As a subject you have inalienable rights, even a right to take up arms in certain situations. You are not subject to the will of a King, you are subject to the law of the land, which a King has to swear on oath to uphold. Those who call themselves “citizens” are numpties in most cases.

        • William Gruff (138 comments) says:

          We haven’t been subjects since the Conservatives rushed through the Citizenship Act, or whatever it was called, in 1984 or thereabouts in order to prevent a claimed five million Chinese from coming here in the run up to 1987.

          That notwithstanding, Her (former) Majesty signed her sovereignty over to the EU when her snot gobbling, mobile throwing prime minister, The Bane of Fife, Tartan McReichsfuhrer Broon, sneaked into Lisbon and signed away our future. Betty Windsor is now nothing more than a citizen of an EU member state and we are no longer her subjects.

          • Bob Anglorum (86 comments) says:

            In the Treaty of Union we are “subjects” and that can not be changed by British government or parliament. A “British citizen” is a bogus title, a bit like an “EU citizen”. What these corrupt political parties do and what the law says are different things.

            We all know these political parties are full of criminal lunatics who like to bullshit away there misdemeanours. I am a subject of the Realm de jure. A “citizen” relates to the UK as a corporation, which was created for the globalist benefit of the Illuminati bankers.

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