British tuition fees push English students into escorting and prostitution

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The British government’s racist tuition fees imposed on English university students have encouraged a quarter of a million students to sign up as escorts and prostitute themselves.

The company behind the Seeking Arrangement service claims to now have almost 250k UK students on its books and is putting it down to the high cost of renting and crippling student debts. Seeking Arrangement is an escort service that introduces young female students to wealthy older men to parade around as trophies and sometimes for sex.

So not only are the British saddling English students with tens of thousands of pounds of debts, they’ve pushed thousands of them into prostitution to pay them off.

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    Unfortunately, this has been going on for several years, so it isn’t exactly news. The Westminster/Whitehall village is a place where morals and ethics are a luxury, if not a liability, and people there prostitute themselves (but probably not in the biblical sense) at the drop of a hat. In their world, everybody and everything is merely a commodity to be bought and sold, so if people have to go ‘on the game’ to pay the bills, so what?

    Meanwhile, HM Government spends eye-watering amounts of our money on its reckless military misadventures as the world’s policeman.

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