RIP Cllr Denis Allen

It is a sad fact that you don’t get a true picture of how valued a person is until they die. I was privileged to attend the funeral of Cllr Denis Allen today.

The crematorium was full, the service personal and people travelled from far and wide to pay their respects. At the wake a eulogy was read by one of the two MEPs who attended and there was a personal message from Nigel Farage. The Mayor of Wellington and several borough councillors were at the funeral, as were his former military colleagues.

Denis was argumentative, obstinate and always right even when he was wrong but he was also a loyal friend, hard working and honest. He will be sadly missed not just by me but by many people locally and nationally.

Cllr Denis Allen

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  1. George Ashcroft (122 comments) says:

    Dear Stuart

    I have only today learned of the death of Denis Allen. Unfortunately I have been out of touch with recent happenings in Telford.

    Denis was one of my original friends in Telford. I regarded him highly and he was a man of courage. Please pass on my condolences to Liz if you get the opportunity.

    All the best

    George Ashcroft

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