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Who says crime doesn’t pay?

A 14 year old boy in Telford has been given an ASBO after terrorising his local estate, jumping up and down on neighbours cars, wrecking peoples gardens and setting things on fire.  As part of his ASBO the judge has rewarded him with quad bike lessons.

Apparently this is to show him that you can get a buzz by doing something good but apart from the fact that it shows him he can get a treat for all the things he’s done, it sends out a message to all the other 14 year olds that if they get into trouble then they can get rewarded as well.

The ASBO tells him that he’s not allowed to be abusive or threatening or vandalise things.  Why does the judge need to make a court order to tell him he can’t do things that are illegal anyway?

Does anyone think this a good idea?  What’s he going to do when he finishes his lessons?  He’ll probably start terrorising the neighbourhood on a quad bike instead!

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How shameful that a child must beg for medicine

The first ever guest post on Wonko’s World courtesy of my good lady wife.  I’ll let her introduce herself …

My name is Lesley and I’m 32 years old with four children.  I am married to Wonko and am aka “Wonkoswife”.  You may not believe this but I am not really interested in politics and never have been.  I had never voted in my life until this year when I voted for Wonko in the local election.  As you can imagine, conversation dries up quite quickly in our house.  Most of what Wonko says either goes right over my head, or in one ear and straight out of the other.  However, on Tuesday, I decided that I would start to buy a newspaper every day to catch up on what is going on in the world.  I asked Wonkos advice and he said to get the Daily Mail. After only three days I am starting to understand what he has been ranting about for the past couple of years.  He’s asked me to write about one story that really caught my eye and actually upset me a bit.  I guess if you’re reading this, Wonko must have let my post get through his stringent editorial criteria!

The story was entitled “How shameful that a child must beg for medicine”.  A six year old girl called Chantelle Hill has been basically begging for money in her home town by putting up endless posters stating “please help me save my daddy”.  The reason she is doing this – her 45 year old “daddy” is dying of lung cancer.  So far Chantelle has raised more than £4000 to help buy the drug Tarceva, a drug that will help keep her father alive.  Chantelle’s father is too weak to undergo any more chemotherapy and the drug will help improve and prolong his life according to doctors.   However, The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence said the drug ‘was not an effective use of NHS resources’.  It is bad enough to hear that a six year old child is begging for money to keep her dad alive but even worse to hear that in Scotland, the drug is given free along with lots of other things.  The irony is that Chantelle’s dad is a taxpayer and therefore is probably paying for some man in Scotland to receive treatment that he is “unworthy” of receiving.  Who is going to explain to this child when she is older that her dad’s life was not as important to this country’s government as some other little girls dad in Scotland?  How can the government justify playing with peoples lives. What it all adds up to is that the government were willing to let this “daddy” die a painful death BECAUSE HE LIVES IN ENGLAND.  They were willing to let an innocent six year old child lose her father.  When is someone in Government going to raise their voice and stand up for the rights of English people?   When is someone going to make us feel valued and welcome in our own country instead of treating us like lesser human beings?  Who is going to stand in Government and make everyone see that we are damn proud to be English?

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