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First glimpse of the new Pope …

John Terry as Pope

Twat of the Week Voting

I should have posted this yesterday but I forgot again!  Time to cast your votes for this week’s Twat of the Week …

The nominations are:

  • John Terry – for cheating pale French on pale English
  • Gordon Brown for being Gordon Brown
  • David Cameron: Wussy toff of a political leader. He hasn’t done much to differentiate Tories from Labour and has no coherent or strong policies. Wants to emulate Obama instead of Thatcher
  • George Papandreou: Won’t leave the Euro, despite the pain his countrymen are feeling. Just another Euro-socialist waiting for trouble.
  • News of the World for trying to undermine the best England captain we had in a long time in world cup year.
  • The Sports Minister [John Sutcliffe] for putting pressure on the FA to sack the best captain we had in a long time, but said nothing when John Presscott shagged his secretary.
  • Prof Phil Jones for contributing to global warming by having his bum on fire.

Voting will close lunchtime tomorrow.