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26 week suspended sentence for murdering a baby

A muslim woman has been given a 26 week suspended sentence for murdering her newborn baby because she was worried about her family being dishonoured by her having a child out of wedlock.

Firstly … 26 weeks?  182 days for murdering a baby, going out with her family and then burying it in a garden.  Not just a paltry 26 weeks for murdering a baby, but a suspended sentence – she won’t even go to prison!  It’s obscene and a miscarriage of justice.  She put her family’s standing in the muslim “community” ahead of the life of her own baby and the baby died.  She should be punished properly for murder, not given tea and sympathy and let off with a slapped wrist.  A baby was killed for fuck’s sake and she’s walking around with nothing but an ASBO tag on her ankle (if that) by way of punishment.

The criminal justice system in England is an absolute joke.  A woman gets away with murdering a baby because it’s cultural.  Labour’s Lord Ahmed was convicted of causing death by dangerous driving and not only kept his peerage and party membership, but served less half of his outrageously low 12 week prison sentence and looks set to get away relatively lightly with allegedly putting a $10m bounty on the head of Barack Obama and George Bush at a public meeting in Pakistan.  A man was jailed for 70 days for burning a copy of the koran in April last year, a week after a muslim was given a £50 fine for burning poppies outside the Albert Hall on Remembrance Day and shouting “British soldiers burn in hell”.  There is very little justice in the justice system.

Girl murdered after meeting Facebook stranger – WTF?

A 17 year old girl has been murdered after meeting a predator on Facebook.

The girl agreed to meet a man who claimed to be a 16 year old boy who allegedly then murdered her.

The usual criticisms of social media have been rolled out by the usual suspects along with the traditional warning of the dangers of meeting complete strangers  you’ve only talked to online and reminder that people online might not be who they claim.

I know it’s wrong to speak ill of the dead but online safety really isn’t rocket science is it?  Common sense tells you that you don’t go and meet a complete stranger you’ve met on Facebook on your own.  What possible steps could Facebook have taken other than reading every interaction between their millions of users and inserting advice such as “are you sure this complete stranger isn’t a pscho murderer?” and “I wouldn’t agree to meet him if I was you” into every message?

Let’s put this into perspective – this wasn’t some 13 year old kid whose naiveity has been exploited, it was a 17 year old young adult, past school age, old enough to be out working, old enough to be married with kids.  Should she have known better?  Yes she should.  Does this mean every other person on social networking sites are sexual deviants or mass murders?  No it doesn’t.  It’s sad that she was murdered but do we really need endless hand wringing and navel gazing every time someone has a common sense bypass involving a social networking site?