26 week suspended sentence for murdering a baby

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A muslim woman has been given a 26 week suspended sentence for murdering her newborn baby because she was worried about her family being dishonoured by her having a child out of wedlock.

Firstly … 26 weeks?  182 days for murdering a baby, going out with her family and then burying it in a garden.  Not just a paltry 26 weeks for murdering a baby, but a suspended sentence – she won’t even go to prison!  It’s obscene and a miscarriage of justice.  She put her family’s standing in the muslim “community” ahead of the life of her own baby and the baby died.  She should be punished properly for murder, not given tea and sympathy and let off with a slapped wrist.  A baby was killed for fuck’s sake and she’s walking around with nothing but an ASBO tag on her ankle (if that) by way of punishment.

The criminal justice system in England is an absolute joke.  A woman gets away with murdering a baby because it’s cultural.  Labour’s Lord Ahmed was convicted of causing death by dangerous driving and not only kept his peerage and party membership, but served less half of his outrageously low 12 week prison sentence and looks set to get away relatively lightly with allegedly putting a $10m bounty on the head of Barack Obama and George Bush at a public meeting in Pakistan.  A man was jailed for 70 days for burning a copy of the koran in April last year, a week after a muslim was given a £50 fine for burning poppies outside the Albert Hall on Remembrance Day and shouting “British soldiers burn in hell”.  There is very little justice in the justice system.


  1. Stan (222 comments) says:

    First off Mr W, the baby wasn’t murdered, it was abandoned and left to die. You might think it amounted to the same thing but in the eyes of the law it doesn’t. Unfortunately this sort of thing is not uncommon (around 60 or so on average every year). The fact that the child was left at home and not in some anonymous place like a car-park or in the doorway of a building (which is more usual) points to a lack of planning or criminal intent.
    In many cases if the baby is lucky enough to be found alive and the parent(s) traced, it may be given back to its natural parent(s) after a psychiatric evaluation.
    What worries me in this case is that it’s assumed that the only reason that the baby was abandoned was that the mother was a Muslim, and that there is no mention of any investigation of the mothers mental state.

    A very close friend of mine was abandoned around the back of a supermarket a few days after she was born, luckily she was found in time. Her mother was traced, and it was found that there was a religious reason for her abandonment – her mother was catholic and she was on a huge guilt trip about sin. However it was also later found that she was a paranoid schizophrenic and a few years later she committed suicide.

    I’m not saying that I condone what she did, and I cannot think of anything worse than the death of a child, but I think that lady needs psychiatric treatment more than anything else.

  2. Stan (222 comments) says:

    Hi Mr W

    I had a comment here but it seems to have gone – did you remove it?

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    Hi Mr W

    I had a comment here but it seems to have gone – did you remove it?

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    I had a comment here but it seems to have gone, did you take it down?

  5. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Accidentally marked it as spam when I was clearing up the 3 million spam comments a day that I get on here.

  6. Stan (222 comments) says:

    No worries guv,

    3 million spam a day? – bloody hell

    Really sorry about the multiple repeats of the question – the first time the question never appeared, the second time a message popped up saying it wouldn’t appear because I had already sent an identical message and the last I sent the day after because the page was still blank.

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