NI devolution in March

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Northern Ireland will, if all goes to plan, have its devolved government restored by March 2007.

The “St Andrews Agreement” will include:

  • A financial package (ie. they will be given more English taxes)
  • The introduction of a Victims Commissioner for Northern Ireland (because 73% of the population being officially designated victims already isn’t enough)
  • A permanent secretariat to the British-Irish Council (which doesn’t have a representative for England but does from Westminster, the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly, the Isle of Man, the Irish Republic, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands)
  • Joint commissions with the Irish government (to send out a clear message that NI is part of the UK by letting the RoI make decisions affecting NI)

The agreement won’t give England a devolved government like the rest of the UK has, we have to be discriminated against and subjected to minority rule by the Scottish Raj.

One comment

  1. revinkevin (176 comments) says:

    When will it be our turn?

    Perhaps we should burn some houses, blow up things or just beat up people from the other side of the border.

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