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What a start to the season

Lincoln 0 – 4 Shrewsbury 

Shrewsbury Town got off to an excellent start to the season giving Lincoln a good seeing to in the first match of the new season in their brand new stadium.

Lincoln were one of the teams Shrewsbury was competing against at the end of last season for the final play-off place.

Not only did Shrewsbury win 4-0 but Wrexscum lost, MK Dons lost and Bristol Rovers lost.

Derek Asamoah, one of Shrewsbury’s play-off star players, wasn’t in the squad against his old team today.  Swindon Town and French team, Nice, are both after him and Nice have had him on trial for the last few weeks.  It’s looking increasingly likely that Asamoah isn’t going to get to play a league match at the New Meadow, let’s just hope that the club get a decent price for him.

Shrewsbury are currently sitting at the top of the league and long may they remain there.


I have implemented Gravatars in the comments for Wonko’s World.

If you have a Gravatar account already, make sure you use the email address your Gravatar is registered to for it to appear in the comments.

A Gravatar is a Globally Recognised Avatar which, in laymans terms, means a picture that you can use on Gravatar-enabled websites.  They are most commonly used on blogs and forums where you get a picture against your name or posts.

If you haven’t got a Gravatar, just pop over to, register your email address and upload a picture to join in the fun.

I’ve made a small change to the standard implementation of Gravatars so that it displays a thumbnail in the post which expands as you hover over it like the example on the right.

I used Gravatar’s WordPress plugin to keep it simple (there are instructions for most platforms on the same page) and used CSS to make the Gravatar display as a thumbnail.  I added the following code to the comments.php file in WordPress to display the Gravatar:

<div style="float: left; padding-right: 5px;">
<img src="<?php gravatar("R", 80, ""); ?>" class="gravimg" />

The parameters of the gravatar function are as follows:

This is the maximum rating of the image that you will allow to be displayed.  These can be “G”, “PG”, “R” or “X”.

“G” is globally acceptable
“PG” is pretty safe but parental guidance is advised
“R” is for grown ups
“X” is filth

This is the size of the image that’s displayed.  The lowest size you can specify is 1 and the highest is 80.  Gravatars are usually created at 80 pixels so 80 is the safest bet for a decent quality image and 40 for a thumbnail.

Default Gravatar
This is the location to a default image to be used for a Gravatar.  This image will be used if the email address specified doesn’t have a Gravatar associated with it or if the Gravatar is of a higher rating than you will accept.

Border Colour
This is the hex value of the border you want around the Gravatar.  I haven’t used this because I don’t want a border but if you wanted to use it, an example would be #FFFFFF (white) or #000000 (black).

I gave the image a class of “gravimg” for the CSS thumbnail … thing.  I added the following lines to the stylesheet:

.gravimg{height: 40px;}
.gravimg:hover{height: auto;}

You’ll notice that I’ve used height rather than width and there’s a very good reason for that – to make the image appear square, Gravatars are wider than they are high.  What these two lines of CSS do is tell the browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) to display any element with the class of “gravimg” with a height of 40 pixels.  When you set the height of an image, the width is automatically scaled to retain the same ratio so an 80×80 image with the height set to 40 pixels would also be displayed with a width of 40 pixels.  The important thing is, the image that the gravatar function called in the code above is still 80 pixels high by (roughly) 80 pixels wide because the second line of CSS tells the browser that when the mouse is hovered over an element with the class of “gravimg” (in this case the Gravatar) it will be resized to “auto”.  As I haven’t used any other CSS to set size properties for images elsewhere in the stylesheet, “auto” will set the image size displayed to its actual size producing a mouseover effect.

BBC starts ID card propaganda

The BBC has started publishing the British government’s ID card propaganda.

There is a link on the BBC News website tonight entitled “Fingertip search: How biometric border controls are tackling illegal immigration”.  The article is talking about what the British government says is going to happen in the future assuming they manage to get biometrics working properly and not what is happening now so the headline is, unsurprisingly for the BBC, completely misleading.

On Planet Home Office, what is going to happen is that everyone who wants to come into the country will have to have a biometric passport and they’ll be validated before they even leave their own country.  Those without biometric passports will go to a consulate and have their fingerprints scanned which will then be sent over here electronically and checked against a biometric database to see if they’ve already been refused entry or if they’re undesirables within 5 minutes.

On Planet Earth, immigrants will just go to another EU country and stroll through border controls because we aren’t allowed to close our borders to our masters on the continent.

On Planet Home Office, immigration officers will do spot checks on factories with portable biometric scanners and check the people working in the factory to make sure they’re allowed to work here.

On Planet Earth, council officers, police officers, traffic wardens and any number of people will have handheld biometric scanners with which we will be required to validate our identies against a national database which is open to businesses and the establishment alike.

Of course, one of the supposed benefits of ID cards is to tackle illegal immigration but people coming into the country will only have fingerprints verified (which are so easy to forge, even I know how to do it) whereas English people who were born here will have to provide iris scans, fingerprints and DNA samples.


A 4 year old girl was tortured to death by her mum and her mum’s boyfriend.  When the paramedics turned up they found her with over 100 injuries including fag burns, bruises and bites that had been inflicted over the period of a month.

What sort of punishment is suitable for the kind of people who can torture a young child like that?  Personally, I’d pulls out all the stops – public humiliation, corporal punishment and then I’d have them executed.  They tortured and then killed a 4 year old child, no punishment can reflect what they did.

Alternatively, they could be given a life sentence with a minimum term of 23 years in prison.  What a fucking joke.

I just can’t get this out of my head.  When Social Services were called by a neighbour they went to the house and noted that the girl never left the house and that she had no toys and all she had to play with were a cup and a hair bobble.  Social Services advised the mother to send the girl to nursery and closed the case.  A month later, the girl had been tortured to death.

A four year old child with no toys – that’s not normal.  A four year old child that never left the house – that’s not normal.  Why the hell was nothing done?  Alarm bells should have been ringing.

More racism from the British establishment

A High Court review of NICE’s decision not to allow English alzheimers patients to have the drug Aricept on the NHS has failed.

NICE is the British government body that decides which medical treatments English people can have on the NHS.  The name – National Institute for Clinical Excellence – is a sick joke.  It is neither a national body, nor does it promote excellence.  Its decisions are used as guidance in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland but their decisions are not binding on the equivalent bodies in those countries and it is becoming increasingly common for drugs to be prescribed in Scotland but refused in England.

The drug firm, Eisai, joined forces with the Alzheimers Society to challenge the racist and discriminatory decision from NICE but the High Court only found them guilty of discrimination in the screening process for people with learning disibilities or who speak English as a second language.  Doctors will now have the discretion to prescribe the drugs to people in those circumstances.

Once again the majority is discriminated against so the minority can be pandered to.  Scottish?  Take what you want, the English taxpayer will pay for it.  Can’t be bothered to learn the language of the country you’ve emigrated to?  Take what you want, the English taxpayer will pay for it.

Discredited global warming model rolled out again

The discredited model used by the group of UN “scientists” that resulted in the climate change report that is being used by governments – especially our own – as an excuse to intoruce “green” taxes, has been used again by the same group of scientists to predict climate change over the next 10 years.

Once again the scientists categorically blame human activity for climate change, refuse to entertain tha the idea that the current phase of climate change we are experiencing is a natural phenomenon and, most disappointingly, persist in using short term analyses to predict long term changes in the climate.  I say disappointingly because this is one of the major flaws in the global warming scam and makes their research utterly useless.

The latest predictions are for 10 year changes in the climate where previously they have been for 100 years.  But this is a pointless exercise because the kind of climate change that the scientists are flapping about now happens on a massive scale over thousands, millions of years.  It doesn’t happen in a few decades or even a couple of centuries and the micro-changes in the climate (and that’s what they are put into context) are not only unavoidable but perfectly natural.  I’m not quite 30 years old and I can see that the climate has changed in my three decades on this planet.  My parents can tell the difference in the preceding three decades and my grandparents can tell the difference in the three decades prior to that and you know what?  The temperature has gone up and down all over that period.  There have been droughts and wet periods.  There have been harsh winters and hot summers, mild winters and cold summers.

I can vaguely remember the dire warnings of the next ice age predicted for some time around the new millenium although by the time I was aware of it the hype had pretty much died down and everyone had realised that the scientists predicting it really were talking out of their bottoms.  Now the successors to those scientists are predicting global warming and, once again, we are all to blame for leading the kind of decadent capitalist lifestyle the sandal-wearing left-wing environmentalists are so jealous of but can’t have because all the other scandal-wearing left-wing environmentalists will disapprove and then they’ll have no friends because let’s face it, greenies are socially inadequate.

I could ramble on forever about this but there’s no point.  The “scientists” have the backing of tax-happy governments and a seemingly endless amount of our hard-earned taxes with which to spout their ill-informed, inherently flawed global warming propaganda.  Unfortunately, while us “climate change deniers” can see the gaping holes in their theories, people are being taken in by their scam.  The BBC is the mouthpiece of the British government and is happily churning out report after report on the evils of carbon emmissions and telling us all to burn down our houses, live in yurts, breed llama’s and take up subsistence farming otherwise the earth is going to dry up and rabid pack wolves are going to eat our children alive.  Ok, a slight exaggeration but you get the message.

The thing is, if the establishment tells you that something is true enough times and stifles voices of dissent successfully enough, gradually a critical mass of people will accept it as the truth and blindly accept whatever measures the corrupt establishment puts into place to stop the imaginary threat.  This is happening all the time and it will happen forever because this is human nature.  But when, in 30 years time, the next generation of “scientists” are telling us we’re headed for another ice age and there are so many “green” taxes that you have to pay to fart, don’t be surprised when those of us who can see through the scam this time round smugly say “I told you so”.

Eveshambles go bust

Eveshambles have finally gone into administration after much prevaricating and assurances from the last surviving director that all was well.

The news is hardly a surprise thanks to the Evesham employees who have been spilling the beans on Evesham in the comments on this blog.  People spending their hard-earned cash with Evesham might have been better warned if PC Pro magazine had taken my warning seriously weeks ago when I told them what had been said but Evesham managed to convince them that it wasn’t going to happen.  As it happens, people have found themselves waiting for deliveries from a company that is now in administration.

It’s not a straightforward case of a company going into administration though.  Eveshambles has gone into administration but in the meantime, the sole director of Evesham set up a new business with two former directors of the old TIME Computers that went bankrupt a few years ago.  This new company has come to an agreement with the Administrator to take over the Evesham name and continue trading in the future using the Evesham name.  The new company intends to start shipping stock from Evesham Technology to customers of Evesham Technology and will be honouring the existing warranties.

This is a very strange deal that’s been done with the Administrator.

The Sky’s the limit

A few weeks ago I swallowed my pride, bit the bullet and decided to line Rupert Murdoch’s grubby pockets again.  Telewest (now Virgin) couldn’t get my broadband to work properly for 3 months and couldn’t tell me when they were planning on fixing it so I gave them the boot and had a scout round for a good deal and up popped Sky.

Sky TV is a million times better than Cable TV, they give you free phone calls at evenings and weekends and thanks to the wonders of local loop unbundling they can also give me 16mbit broadband.  All this cheaper than I was paying Telewest for the phone, TV and a 4mbit connection that didn’t work properly.  Sky even agreed to pay the £120 reconnection charge BT quoted me.

Got the phone connected, got the Sky TV installed (the installer turned out to be someone I went to school with, what are the odds, eh?) and eagerly awaited the broadband to be activated.  The broadband was activated in the afternoon of the date they gave me and the process was relatively painless.  It wasn’t exceptionally fast but I thought I’d give it a few days to settle down and see if it got any better.  It didn’t so I phoned technical support.

I checked the speed from my desktop as well as my laptop.  I have built-in wireless from Realtek in my laptop and a USB dongle from Belkin attached to my desktop.  After arguing the toss with technical support that there really is a problem with the router I got through to someone who asked me to plug the laptop in using a network cable.  I did and hey presto it was 3 or 4 times faster.  Marvellous, so what’s the problem then?  Apparently, the wireless card in my laptop and the wireless dongle on my desktop both have “incompatible frequencies”.  Nobody could explain what the “incompatible frequencies” might be but told me that I’d have to speak to the manufacturer of my wireless adapters.

Still convinced that there was a problem with the router but resigned to going through the motions I phoned Belkin (but not Eveshambles, more on that in another post shortly).  They confirmed that the dongle was fully compatible with the router and when I explained the symptoms the Belkin man agreed with me that the router was obviously at fault.

So, back on to Sky tonight and what a horrendous experience that was.  I got through to someone in India who could barely speak English and who was so technically inept that he failed to grasp even the most basic of concepts.  He insisted that there was nothing wrong with the router because the lights were on and I could get a web page.  I asked him if he bought a Laborghini and it only did 20mph would he be happy with it because the engine turned on?  It missed the point entirely.  In fact, I think he didn’t actually understand what I was saying because it wasn’t written down on his script.  Anyway, I persevered for about half an hour getting more and more irate when I eventually gave up and hung up.

I rang back and got put in a queue for half an hour and spoke to … wait for it … and Englishman!  Believe me, this is a novelty because every other person I’ve spoken to at Sky has been either Scottish or Indian.  This man understood perfectly what the problem was and arranged for a replacement to be sent to me there and then.

So far I’m not impressed with Sky’s customer service.  People complain about Telewest’s customer service but they answer the phone pretty quickly and their broadband technical support is very good (although not free any more, another reason not to stay with them).  Time will tell if it gets any better but hopefully I won’t need to speak to them again if this router works properly.

High Court finds against Electoral Commission

The High Court has found partially in favour of UKIP and against the Electoral Commission in UKIP’s appeal against the Electoral Commission’s ruling that it should hand over a £367k donation to the Treasury.

The donation was given by Alan Brown, a millionaire bookmaker, but fell foul of rules designed to catch foreigners buying political patronage because Mr Brown had failed to put himself on the electoral register for the year the donation was made in.  Both Alan Brown and UKIP maintain that it was an oversight and that Mr Brown was still resident and paying taxes in the UK.

UKIP appealed the decision to take the donation off them for the Gordon Brown slush fund on the basis that the punishment didn’t fit the “crime”.  The Illiberal Dimwits were also guilty of taking a donation that fell foul of the same rules, albeit in far more dubious circumstances, but the Electoral Commission barely batted an eyelid over it.

A couple of the commenters on Mr Dale’s blog have suggested that the High Court decision is all part of a British government plot to keep UKIP in the black so they can continue taking votes of the Tories.  Most entertaining but UKIP really don’t need the benevolence of No Mandate Brown and his rump cabinet – they had a pledge from a supporter to repay the donation, pay any fine and cover costs if necessary so they were in no danger of going under.

The fact that the Electoral Commission decided to make an example of UKIP shows that the establishment is seeing UKIP as a threat.  The European Federation is the biggest threat this country has faced for a long time and the top three parties are all collaborating to hand over our country to their masters on the continent.  The Tory membership is opposed to our continued subjection to Federal Europe but the party leadership is another matter.  Blind loyalty to the party means that grassroots Tories will continue to allow the treacherous Tory leadership to sell the country up the river over the channel.

British government is racist

An 18 year old girl has been refused permission to apply for a job with the  Environment Agency because she is white and English.

The application form asked for ethnic origin and included “White Other, eg. Irish, Welsh, Scottish”.  The application said that preference would be given to those from minorities.  When asked if being White English ruled her out for the job, Abigail Howarth was told by Bola Odusi of PATH National Ltd, the company running the recruitment scheme, “Thank you for your enquiry unfortunately the traineeship opportunity in targeted towards the ethnic minority group to address their under representations in the professions under the Race Relations Act amended 2000.”

However, the Environment Agency admits that it has “no evidence that white Welsh, Scottish or Irish workers were under-represented” in the area where Abigail Howarth wanted to apply but claims that the Commission for Racial Equality has confirmed that it is acting lawfully in racially discriminating against white English people.

Mary McDowell from PATH National Ltd said “The White Welsh, White Irish and White Scottish is a technicality in law – if they are a minority, they are entitled to places on these schemes – they are not part of the majority group, which is White English.  “The White English in this area are the majority group and hence could not apply.”

So, the recruitment officer from PATH National was black, the Organisational Development Manager from PATH National was Scottish, the head of the Environment Agency is Scottish and the Commission for Racial Equailty is headed up by a black person and people are acting surprised because White English people are being discriminated against?  This oppresive, politically correct, racist bullshit has got to stop.  Why the fuck should White English people be prepared to be discriminated against because of their colour and their nationality in their own country?  PATH National should be immediately sacked as a public sector supplier and the staff involved in this racist campaign should be prosecuted for racial discrimination.  The Chief Executive of the Environment Agency should be hauled in front of the Parliamentary Standards Committee and the Commission for Racial Equality after which, the CRE should be wound up and all “positive discrimination” laws repealed.  You cannot positively discriminate against anyone, discrimination is exclusively a negative action and to discriminate against someone for belonging to the majority colour and nationality in their own country is indefensible.

South Park Wonko

Daily Referendum has been tinkering with the South Park Studio and created South Park characters for a few bloggers so here’s one for the gallery …

Foot and Mouth

An outbreak of Foot and Mouth has occured in Surrey prompting a ban on moving sheep, goats and cattle across the UK.

A 3km exclusion zone has been established around the farm and all exports to Europe have been automatically banned under EU rules.

No Mandate Brown has cut his holiday short so he can look concerned at the TV cameras and the COBRA Committee, which is used to co-ordinate photo opportunities national emergencies has already met overnight.

So far the outbreak appears to be confined to only one farm but the farming industry will suffer heavily.  How heavily they suffer depends on whether the outbreak can be contained, how long it takes to convince our EU masters that it’s not a problem any more and how many times the French have to be hauled in front of a judge before they’ll lift the ban.

On a related note – why is the exclusion zone measured in kilometres?  Metric measurements are being used increasingly by the British government despite the fact that most people still use imperial.

Here foxy, foxy

A Welshman has been fined £200 for hunting with a dog in Wales.

The man was seen by an off-duty policeman who was out walking putting a terrier down a fox hole.  The dog flushed out the fox and the fox was shot dead with an air pistol.

From what I can gather, he wasn’t actually fined for the act of hunting with a dog but for failing to ensure that there was another hole for the fox to escape from, failing to shoot it with a shotgun and … this is the best bit … failing to give the fox a chance to escape.

It’s been a while since I lived out in the country but I’m pretty sure the point of hunting a fox is that you kill the damn thing, not give it a chance to escape!  Or does the Hunting Act require that the fox is allowed to escape so that a chase can take place?  Wasn’t that what upset the lentil eating, yurt dwelling, sandal wearing beardies in the first place?

Police State

Traitor Bliar got upset a while back when a Tory MP suggested we were living in a police state.  What does he think now?

The Home Office is considering giving Police the power to take DNA samples and fingerprints, without the consent of the “offender” for minor “crimes” such as not wearing a seatbelt, speeding and dropping litter.  The Police currently have to take an “offender” to the Police Station to be able to take their DNA samples but under the new regime they would be allowed to do this in the street.

This is all while a British government supported genetic watchdog has expressed concerns that an average of one person a minute has their DNA stored in the British government’s DNA database and that black men are 4 times more likely to have their DNA taken than white men.

I would certainly never submit to having my DNA or fingerprints taken voluntarily.  I once had my car broken into and was asked to provide fingerprints so they could discount mine from any they took.  After weighing up the pro’s and con’s (it was a company car anyway) I declined knowing full well that my fingerprints would be kept on their records indefinitely even though I hadn’t committed any crime.

It is also worrying that black men are 4 times more likely to have their DNA taken but not for the lefty liberal reasons the CRE and others are bothered.  It’s a simple fact that young black men in inner cities commit a disproportionately high number of crimes.  Race or colour has nothing to do with it – if you belong to a group that is statistically responsible for a high proportion of crimes then you should expect to recieve more attention from the police.  What is worrying is that there was no complaint about the high number of muslims who have had their DNA taken and that’s because, despite belonging to the group that is most likely to blow shit up and lop people’s heads off, they haven’t been targetted with the same vigour as black people.

We’re rapidly descending into a police state here.  The state doesn’t need to know your most intimate details, DNA profile, fingerprints or exact whereabouts whenever you drive your car to run the country or make us safe.  Our freedoms and liberties are being taken off us in the name of fighting terrorism – the same terrorists that target the west because they don’t want us to have those same freedoms and liberties.  The British government is actually doing the terrorists job for them and a damn sight more effectively than they ever could.

Scots want over-representation in Europe

The Electoral Commission has been asked to look at ways to reduce the number of MEP’s the UK sends to Europe from 78 to 72.

To accommodate Bulgaria and Romania, the UK is losing 6 MEP’s from the European Parliament but the suggestion that Scotland should lose one of its MEP’s has been met with predictable opposition north of the border.

The Electoral Commission has sent Jack Straw a letter explaining that “Scotland’s situation is unique and that these reasons would justify the retention of its current allocation of seven MEPs.  These reasons relate to the impact of devolution, geographic size, expected population growth and political culture”.

The Scottish Executive says that the size of Scotland and devolution means that Scotland should have a higher level of representation in Europe and “lowering the number of MEPs serving Scotland to six would not allow a properly balanced representation of all the main parties in Scottish political life”.

Let’s do some simple maths.  60 million people in the UK, 5 million of which are in Scotland – that’s 8.3% of the population.  8.3% of 72 MEP’s is … 6 – the number of MEP’s that it has been suggested Scotland should have.  So what the Scottish Executive is actually asking for is over-representation, not fair representation.

UKIP branch defects … again?

According to the English Democrats, the entire West Dorset branch of UKIP has resigned and defected to them.

As a member of UKIP it’s obviously of interest to me if things like this happen but I’ve got my own branch to look after and as long as they don’t come poaching my members I won’t lose any sleep over it (I know where you live Uncles ;)).

However, when I asked for some more information on it I was told not to pay too much attention to it as they’d done that sort of thing before.  So I did a Google search and it appears that as well as resigning en-masse in 2004, they have defected to the EDP three times now in the last 12 months – quite an achievement!  The regional organiser for Dorset should be commended for his or her ability to establish a whole new branch in the space of a couple of months.

I don’t know what the whole story is here but it looks like somebody is playing games.

Are salesmen getting worse at lying?

With the intermittent nice weather we’ve been getting more door-to-door salesmen than usual but they seem to be getting more and more transparent.

Take tonight for instance.  The doorbell just rang so I went to the door …

Salesman: “Hello mate, I’m calling from Sky.  We’re doing a quality survey”
Me: “Right”
Salesman: “Have you got Sky?”
Me: “Yes”
Salesman: “Right.  Erm, is the picture quality ok?”
Me: “Yes”
Salesman: “No problems?”
Me: “No”
Salesman: “Erm, ok.  Thanks”
Me: “Next door is on cable, you might want to try there”
Salesman: “Cheers mate” (big grin)

If he was doing a “quality check” for Sky then he’d know if I had Sky.  He’d also know it’s been in for less than a fortnight so I wouldn’t need any new equipment.  He also wouldn’t be dressed like a salesman and let’s face it, you can spot them a mile off!

Incidently, I’ve found the perfect answer to the gas and electric people – nPower, Powergen, etc.  When they start talking about your gas and electric tell them you’re on British Gas fixed price and have been for about 3 years.  The fixed price tariff from 3 years ago is unbelievably cheap compared to current prices and nine times out of ten they just turn around and walk away without even trying to convince you to change.

Scouting Centenary

The Scouts is 100 years old today and the milestone is being marked with events up and down the country where Scouts will renew their promises.

I was never in the Scouts – by the time my hugely oversubscribed local branch had free places I’d lost interest.  However, my eldest has just joined and I took him down to Ironbridge at 7.30 this morning to join his Scout troop.  I was surprised at the number of Cubs, Scouts and Guides of various varieties that turned up, particularly when a similar number of local Scouts were hiking up the Wrekin (the highest point in Shropshire) and the super-camp the Scouts have going on at the moment in Scotland has over 40,000 attendees.

Listening to the Scout promise, I found myself wondering how many of these kids would end up going off the rails.  They promise to do their duty, to respect God and the Queen and to help other people.  The religious bit aside, that’s not a bad set of values to instill in kids and I don’t reckon you’d see many former Scouts ending up in prison for mugging grannies or stealing police cars.

As I mentioned above, when I was a kid the local Scout group was oversubscribed with a waiting list of several years.  By contrast, the group that my son has joined has only a handful of members.  Is this because the Scouts is seen as a bit naff by todays youth?  Is it because kids today don’t need to join something like the Scouts for entertainment and to see far off places because they’ve got the TV, Computers and the internet?  Or is it simply that the Scouts don’t advertise themselves much?

My son didn’t bug us about joining the Scouts – it wasn’t something he really thought about.  We happened to be at a local “fun day” and the Scouts were there so we asked him if he wanted to join.  I offered to help try and secure free parking for people attending the event today at Ironbridge using my contacts at the council, I spoke to a councillor who said he’d take the matter up but needed to know who the officer was that had been dragging his heels over it.  I thought it would be easy to contact the local Scout group but it proved to be impossible – they weren’t listed in the phone book or on the internet.  So perhaps the problem is with promoting themselves?

I think the Scouts would be a very useful organisation for helping our kids stay on the right path and to make sure we don’t end up breeding a society of wannabe gangsters, muggers, joyriders and hoodies.  As well as teaching kids discipline and respect, it also teaches them practical skills.  Certainly more should be done to promote the Scouts and to do this effectively they need money.  We’re not talking about piddling amounts of money from car-boot sales and car washing, it needs a multi-million pound advertising and marketing campaign and for that they either need a very wealthy backer or government money.  The trouble is, government money comes with strings attached and they come in the form of diversity targets, ethnic quotas and “reform” which is a byword for buggering about with things until they’re broken.

More effort certainly needs to be made by the Scouts to promote themselves but the “establishment” also needs to do its part.  There are very few organisations left that haven’t succumbed to the lefty liberal, multi-culty way of doing things under Liebour’s oppresively PC regime and are still preapred to instill traditional values into children.  The Scouts could be just the thing that is needed to reverse the trend of kids getting into drugs, crime and anti-social habits but they can’t do it by themselves.

I know I’m a sinner … is that why I’m a winner?

The results of the Witan blog awards have been officially announced today and yours truly has a couple of mentions.

Wonko’s World was voted third best English nationalist blog and joint third English political blog with Guido Fawkes (I’m not worthy, etc).

Congratulations to Iain Dale who came first in most categories, including blogger most likely to vote for a donkey if it had the right colour rosette.  Congratulations also to our glorious leader, Gareth, who picked up a couple of awards both for his own blog and the CEP blog and also bagged the most shaggable blogger.

Thanks to everyone who voted for me.  I’d like to thank my mum, my dad, my wife, my kids, my agent, every corrupt politician for providing such excellent material for me to take advantage of …

Seriously though, thanks for the votes and don’t forget the blogger most likely to vote for a donkey if it had the right colour rosette is looking for nominations for his new book.

Telling George what he wants to hear

No Mandate Brown has been making all the right noises to George Bush during his taxpayer-funded jolly to the States.

The other day he said that the world owed the US a debt for what it has done during the illegal invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq.

He told NBC yesterday that “It is a war.  We have had to fight a very big campaign”.  The phrase “war on terror” has been used throught Operation “Steal Iraqi Oil” but it’s not actually a war is it?  The dictionary defines war as “A state of open, armed, often prolonged conflict carried on between nations, states, or parties”.  But, despite the insistance of the American and British governments, there isn’t a vast, organised terrorist organisation for them to fight against.  Millitants carry out terrorist attacks in Al’Qaeda’s name but then you or I could do the same, it doesn’t mean we’d be members of Al’Qaeda!  Referring to this whole military campaign as a war just dignifies what were illegal invasions under the false pretext of international security.  Invading Afghanistan was a knee-jerk reaction to 9/11 because the American government had to be seen to be doing something.  The Taliban were an insular group – they had no interest in the outside world.  Invading Iraq was an opportunity for Georgy Porgy to put right his dad’s failed attempt to take the country over in the first Gulf War.  The “weapons of mass destruction” that were used as an excuse to invade Iraq without a UN resolution and against international law never turned up – the British government admitted to “sexing up” the intelligence to give the impression we were at risk from Iraq when we weren’t.

There was some suggestion that No Mandate Brown might start to pull troops out of Iraq, especially with him being a traditional Scotsman and therefore tight as a duck’s arse.  No such luck though: “It’s a struggle for the soul of the 21st Century”.  Traitor Bliar would have been proud of such a meaningless quote – what does it mean exactly?  He doesn’t elaborate but goes on to say “We know a large number of people would, if they could, destroy life and put at risk our infrastructure and we have got to be vigilant”.  But what’s the solution Gordo?  Give Muslim groups a bigger role in running our country?  Pour millions of pounds into Islamic teaching?  Taking away the liberties and freedoms that the terrorists want to take off us?  None of them are working so far are they?

Whilst British troops remain in Iraq and Afghanistan we are a target.  We are at greater risk of terrorism since the “war on terror” than we were before it.  It’s time to stop telling Georgy Porgy what he wants to hear and start telling him what he needs to hear – pull out of Afghanistan, pull out of Iraq and shut down the internment camp at Guantanamo Bay.