Brown’s Favouritism

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No Mandate Brown found time in his busy schedule to phone the manager of the Scottish national football team, Alex McLeish, to congratulate him on Scotland’s victory over France.

He didn’t get round to phoning Steve McLaren to congratulate him on England’s victory over Russia thought because he was too busy although when asked, a spokesman said he was sure that Britishness Brown would be congratulating England as well and that a letter would probably be written during the day.



  1. revinkevin (176 comments) says:

    The press were probably not around, so he did not have to pretend to be happy that England won.

  2. M Anderson (47 comments) says:

    How come Brown phoned McLeish? Why would he do that? I thought he supported Britain fc? Oh! So Brown is scottish after all. Oh ducks, I bet Brown “loved” Ferdinand’s step over goal like! I wonder if he thought his goal was as good as Gazzers goal, which as we all know, he also “loved”! Oh bugger, all this Brownlove is getting too much.
    As for as Brown not phoning Maclaren. Good! He should keep his
    nose out of English affairs! Well, he is British after all.

  3. […] Britishness Brown, the non-mandate British Prime Minister, was too busy to phone Steve McLaren to congratulate him on England’s 3-0 victory over Russia last week but managed to find the time to phone Alex McLeish, the Scottish manager, to congratulate him on their defeat of France on the same night. […]

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