SNP motion to congratulate England

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Britishness Brown, the non-mandate British Prime Minister, was too busy to phone Steve McLaren to congratulate him on England’s 3-0 victory over Russia last week but managed to find the time to phone Alex McLeish, the Scottish manager, to congratulate him on their defeat of France on the same night.

Even though No Mandate Brown professes to be British to the core and treat English and Scottish equally, he makes no effort whatsoever to actually live up to his false claims.

The SNP have tabled a motion in the Scottish Parliament congratulating England on their defeat of the Russians whilst Liebour were responsible for one of the five motions in the Scottish Parliament congratulating Scotland on beating France.

I really fail to understand why No Mandate Brown persists on keeping up this pretence that he even likes English people, let alone considers us equal to his beloved homeland.  He signed the Scottish Claim of Right affirming Scotland’s right to chose the best form of government for itself and pledging to put Scotland’s interests first and foremost.  He hasn’t renounced that pledge and has done nothing to indicate that he no longer intends to put Scotland’s interests first.

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