What will Brown be doing for Scotland?

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This morning I asked “What will Brown be doing to England“?  Tonight I’m asking, “What will Brown be doing to Scotland”?

What was in Britishness Brown’s speech today?

Well, he’s promised to stand up for schools* and hospitals* and British values*.  He also wants to build 10 new “eco-towns”*.

He wants to increase stop and search powers for the police* and says that hospitals will be getting a good clean to tackle MRSA*.


So, what is there in No Mandate Brown’s speech for Scotland, the country he was elected in?  Simple – absolutely chuff all.  Every domestic policy in his speech only applies to England because, in his own constituency in Scotland, they are all the responsibility of the Scottish Parliament.  Education, Health, Housing & Planning and Police are all devolved in Scotland and Gordon the Goblin King has not secured a single vote to give him a mandate on any of these issues.  British values and Britishness in general is reserved only for England.  Britishness lessons in schools, the British flags on public buildings – only in England, never in Scotland.

And how many newspapers or news channels have pointed out this shocking, undemocratic, morally and democratically corrupt state of affairs?  None of them.


  1. Charlie Marks (365 comments) says:

    All of the papers owned by people who do well out of British state monopoly capitalism, so no surprise.

    The media coverage has been absolutely sickening. This guy wasn’t elected by his party, he dodged a leadership contest by rallying MPs (who rushed to vote for him – he’s the one who chooses who gets promoted!) and has invited Tories, Liberals, and big business lobbyists into government, and he won’t deliver on a promised EU referendum – something that almost everyone wants to take place!

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