What will Brown be doing to England?

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The BBC tells us what No Mandate Brown is planning to announce in his Liebour Party Conference speech.

He’s going to be backing greater use of stop and search by the Police.  Doesn’t apply in Scotland.

He’s going to cut cancer waiting lists so you can have longer to accept the fact that because you’re English you aren’t allowed the same expensive cancer treatments that they have in Scotland and as a result are going to have to die.  Doesn’t apply in Scotland.

He will remove barriers for poor people to get a university education.  Barriers such as top-up fees which only English students pay thanks to MP’s elected in Scotland forcing through the vote against the will of a majority of English MP’s?  Don’t bank on it.  Doesn’t apply in Scotland.


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  2. M Anderson (47 comments) says:

    El Gordo, “looking again”. Yeah, he will be looking again at a lot of new labour’s policies!
    Oh looky here. Yet another new labour balls up. Don’t you like the way they say brought in by Tony Blair? Ha! ha! No! It was brought in by new labour. New labour; not Blair. Or was he the only one who decided this policy? So, let me get this straight. New labour m.p.’s said that the English drinking culture (their words; not mine) was to endure 24-hour licensing because they said so? Now they decide it not a good idea! What a shower!

    Brown ‘may reverse drinking laws’ [I think may is the operative word. I bet he dont change nothing! He’s just trying to look like the big I am, the boss, in control. I wonder if he’ll use some of the TWO BILLION ENGLISH POUNDS STERLING that he took off the English nhs budget to “punish” and “prevent”? What a joker!]

    Gordon Brown has said he could overturn the recent law allowing pubs in England and Wales to open 24 hours a day.
    The prime minister said binge-drinking was “unacceptable” and that he would “not hesitate to change policies” if he thought this was necessary.

    Mr Brown began a review of extended licensing hours, brought in by Tony Blair, when he became PM in June.

    The prime minister said: “Binge-drinking and under-age drinking that disrupt neighbourhoods are unacceptable.

    “To punish: let me tell the shops that repeatedly sell alcohol to those who are under-age – we will take your licence away.

    “To prevent: councils should use new powers to ban alcohol in troublespots and I call on the industry to do more to advertise the dangers of teenage drinking.”

    He added: “Where there are things that are wrong and where mistakes have been made, we will look at these and we will change these things.

    “That’s why on casinos we are looking again, on cannabis we are looking again and that’s why on 24-hour drinking we are looking again.”

    Laws allowing 24-hour licensing were brought in at the end of 2005.

  3. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Licensing laws – another policy that doesn’t apply to Scotland. Casino’s – another policy that doesn’t apply to Scotland.

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