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Illegal settlements to be expanded

If you read the following on the BBC News website …

The American housing ministry has invited tenders for the construction of 100 new homes at American settlements in occupied Iraq.

… people would say that it was wrong and that America had no right to build homes for Americans in Iraq against the will of the Iraqi government.  So why is there no international uproar when it reads …

The Israeli housing ministry has invited tenders for the construction of 100 new homes at settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Israel has illegally occupied Palestine for decades, has ignored more UN resolutions than any other nation on earth (remember that frustrating the will of the international community was justification for invading Iraq) and is continuing to expand its settlements in Palestine that have been declared illegal under international law.

If they were muslims would they have been invaded by now?

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Shropshire Star: Pensioners in England missing out

This was in tonight’s Shropshire Star …

Pensioners in England missing out

On April 1 a new scheme came into force to allow pensioners to have free off-peak travel around England. Previously they were entitled to only off-peak travel within their local authority.

Pensioners in Scotland and Wales have been entitled to free public transport at any time in their own country for years. In Northern Ireland they get free transport in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.

English pensioners don’t have the same rights as Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish pensioners because there is no English government for English people.

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Practice what you preach Gordo

No Mandate Brown has told a meeting of the UN that “no-one thinks” Mugabe won the Zimbabwean presidential elections.

He then had the audacity to say “The credibility of the democratic process depends on there being a legitimate government”.

What’s that you say?  Legitimate government?  Is that like the leader of the country asking the electorate to vote for them as leader?  The type of mandate that Gordo the Goblin King bottled out of himself?

The Goblin King has made some noises about standing behind the Zimbabwean people (why am I reminded of South Park the Movie?) and making sure their will is upheld.  The man really has no shame considering the way he denies the English equal rights that they want.

Gordo’s speech seems to imply that a little trip to Rhodesia might be on the cards for the army if things aren’t sorted sharpish but there’s no mention of the Chinese in all this – they’ve been priming Zimbabwe as a client state for the past few years and they’ve got a lot of investment in Zimbabwe that they might not be keen on risking if Mugabe gets a forced eviction.

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UKIP London election broadcast

Thanks to Arden Forester for the YouTube video of Gerard Batten MEP’s London Mayoral election broadcast.  I missed it earlier as I was attending a UKIP meeting, of all things!

Embedded Video

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Number 10 pulls its advert for Liebour

After posting this yesterday I sent a shitty email to the webmaster of the website giving them until 10am today to remove the link to the Liebour website or I would complain to the Civil Service Commissioner and contact the press.

They got an extra couple of hours because I was busy but no email was forthcoming so I phoned the Ethics department at the Cabinet Office and had a whinge.  The man at the Cabinet Office (Mr Brown but apparently no relation) clicked the link, read the strap line “Vote Labour on Thursday 1 May” and said “hmmmm”.  Then he asked for a copy of the email which I duly sent this evening asking for an update by noon tomorrow and informing him that I hadn’t contacted the press yet but would do so if it wasn’t sorted soon.

Mr Greer is on the ball and has noticed that the link has now been removed.  I don’t know how many other complaints they’ve had but this certainly looks like a case of blogger power!

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The future’s bright, the future’s … intermittent

The signal on my Orange phone has been dropping off all morning so I checked a couple of other Orange mobiles and they’re all doing the same thing so I phoned Orange.

Apparently there’s scheduled work going on with four transmitters nearby resulting in the intermittent coverage.  Which is nice.

So why wasn’t I told about this?  I only live down the road from where I work and I expect the problem is happening at home.  Orange knows exactly where I live and they know where I am to within a few feet, why didn’t I receive a text yesterday warning me that there was work being carried out which would cause disruption to service?  Why wasn’t I sent a text when I moved into range of a transmitter that was being worked on telling me that I was entering an eara of disrupted coverage?

Surely it isn’t beyond the capabilities of one of the world’s biggest mobile phone operators to pre-emptively warn their customers that they are going to experience poor coverage for a time?

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Welcome to Planet Gordo

Charlie Marks, one of the only left wingers in England that doesn’t need their head looking into (surgically), has some background information on Liebour’s new poverty adviser.

Jennifer Moses will be advising Gordon Brown on poverty (combatting it, not causing it – he already knows how to do the latter) as part of his Cabinet of all the Talentless.

Ms Moses is the obvious choice for advising the British government on combatting poverty being a multi-millionaire “non-dom”.  She lives in a huge £10m mansion in London that’s so large she and her multi-millionaire husband find it easier to email each other in the home than get close enough to shout.  Her mansion was paid for with a £10m mortgage from an Isle of Man bank which allows her to be officially classed as a non-domicile, saving her thousands in tax.

This is the most blatantly inappropriate appointment in government I’ve seen since West Midlands Regional Assembly appointed a Birmingham City councillor as its rural affairs advisor.  Good to see Liebour are keeping in touch with their socialist roots.

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EU Constitution re-introduces death penalty

I’ve just been emailed this link by a UKIPper and told to read the last two paragraphs.

If you can’t be bothered to read it yourself, basically a footnote in the EU not-a-constitution says that we accept the European Union Charter and a footnote in that charter says that the death penalty is abolished “except in the case of war, riots, upheaval”.

The EU not-a-Constitution reintroduces the death penalty and not only in times of war, but for riots or upheaval.  That gives governments a pretty free hand to use the death penalty – strikes, protests, vote of no confidence in the ruling party.

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Liebour using government websites for self-promotion

Erm, this isn’t what I pay my taxes for …

The excellent PJC Journal has spotted a link on the 10 Downing Street website to the Liebour Party’s website.  Not only that but it’s the local election campaign section of their website.

This is against the Civil Service Code, it is against electoral law and it is a an appalling abuse of taxpayers money and trust.  How dare the Liebour Party use a government website, paid for by the taxpayer, to promote their racist, corrupt, morally corrupt cult.

I must have been so consumed with indignation that I didn’t spot PJC’s hat-tip to Shane Greer.

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Stem Cell cure for arthritis?

Researchers at Cardiff University reckon they can “cure” osteoarthritis using stem cells.

I have quite bad osteoarthritis in both my knees.  On my left knee, parts of the joint have no cartilage at all and the rest is poor quality, rough cartilage.  On my right knee, it’s poor quality, rough cartilage.  They both make some very interesting noises and my surgery scars are an ice breaker.

The treatment doesn’t actually cure the arthritis, it allows new cartilage to be grown in large enough quantities to be able to provide an adequate transplant.

So, there’s hope for me yet just as long as we can keep the Christian fundamentalists from getting the ban on stem cell research they keep fighting for.  I respect their right to have an opinion but my right not to wake up in pain and go to bed in pain is more important so they can fuck off, I’ll take my chance on going to hell.

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A Brown spot on the world

Tinpot dictator, Robert Mugabe, has called No Mandate Brown “a tiny dot in the world” after Gordo criticised him for holding back results of the Zimbabwean elections.

The Goblin King criticised Mugabe and said “the eyes of the world are on Zimbabwe”.  As the unelected leader of the former colonial power in Zimbabwe, the irony surely can’t been missed (although it clearly has by Camp Gordo).  El Gordo has no mandate to speak on behalf of England, let alone the world.

It’s now been 2 weeks since elections were held in Zimbabwe and the only results released are for parliamentary and senate elections, not presidential elections.  Still nobody but Mugabe and his illegitimate government know what the results are although the opposition MDC claim their candidate won over 50% of the vote, the minimum required to avoid a run-off.

Just one piece of advice for No Mandate Brown before I finish … people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

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Plotting Websites

Nothing to do with conspiracy theories this, the ginger one has found this rather strange website that plots your website as a graph.  Looks more like a dodgy astrology chart.


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Poll Reminder

Just a reminder about this poll …

I’m going to publish the results pretty soon so if you want to vote, do so quickly.

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Wales gets primary legislation powers

The Welsh Assembly has been given the power to pass primary legislation to help people with learning difficulties.

AM’s currently draw up new laws but they have to be rubber stamped by the British government before they actually become law.  In Scotland they make their own laws in their own parliament.

There are another nine orders waiting to go through which will give the Welsh Assembly primary law making powers in other areas.

Scotland got its own government after a break of 300 years and Wales after 500 years.  England is still the only country in Europe that doesn’t have its own government.

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The politics of Sark

The island of Sark in the Channel Islands has had a fuedal government for the last 600 years.

Sark is the last feudal administration in Europe and is ruled by 40 unelected “feifs” and 12 deputies chosen by the islanders.  The head of the government is the Seigneur and the head of the judiciary is the Senseschal.

This way of government has worked perfectly well for the last 600 years but a recent referendum came out in favour of a more “democratic” approach and so plans have been drawn up for a 28 member elected assembly to govern the island, retaining the Seigneur and Senechal.

The referendum on the change of government was instigated because the British government has come under increasing pressure to reform the island’s governance from Federal Europe because it breaches EU Human Rights legislation.

I’m glad that the people of Sark have had the chance to determine the form of government best suited to them – it’s a right that the British government refuses for England – but I have to express some concern over the motivation for all this.

Sark is not part of the UK, nor is it a member of the EU.  The Channel Islands are a Crown possession, they belong to the Queen.  It is the Privy Council, not the British Parliament, that governs the islands on behalf of the Crown.  Unless Sark chooses to sign up to EU legislation on human rights it isn’t bound by it and it is not appropriate for the EU to apply pressure on the British government to change the government of Sark.

The Privy Council has approved the proposed changes but the Barclay brothers, owners of the Daily Telegraph, are opposing the changes because they don’t want the Seignour or Senechal to remain part of the government.  They say that this is because the unelected posts are undemocratic but there’s more to it than that.  The Barclay brothers own Becqhou Island which is about 30 yards off the coast of Sark.  It is one of the “tenemants” of Sark and David Barclay is the “tenant” and so gets a seat in the Chief Pleas, the equivalent of a parliament for Sark.  But the Barclay brothers have been disputing Sark’s authority over the island and want political independence for Brecquhou, effectively making them the owners of their own country, albeit under the nominal jurisdiction of the Privy Council.  The chances are, the Barclay outsiders aren’t going to get elected to the Chief Pleas and will have no influence over the Sark government’s stance on their island.  They already break Sark law by driving cars and flying a helicopter and are basically a law unto themselves.

Who’d have thought an island with a population of 600 would produce political intrigue on this scale?

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Scandinavian nomad hasn’t noticed global warming either

Watching BBC Breakfast this morning I had to have a little chuckle to myself.

Strange, you might think, because BBC Breakfast is a serious programme but I did find occasion to laugh during an interview with the stars of a documentary on nomadic Scandinavian reindeer herders.
So what was so funny about the reindeer herders? Nothing really but what I found immensely funny was when one of the presenters asked one of the guests “And have you noticed a change in the climate recently?” and she replied “Errrrm, no, not really. It’s been more cold in the last 2 years actually”.

Oh how I laughed. There he was with a smug grin plastered all over his face thinking he was in line for a gold star for promoting global warming propaganda but then this nomadic woman who actually spends all day, every day (apart from when she’s on the telly) out and about north of the arctic circle tells him that it’s all normal. He just hesitated and moved on to something else.

Real Life 1, Climate Change Propagandists 0.

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Number 10 lies about petition

Toque submitted a petition to the 10 Downing Street website on eco towns which has been rejected on false grounds.

The petition called on the Prime Minister to build eco towns in Scotland instead of England because England is overcrowded and Scotland is sparsely populated and would benefit from the boosted population.  It was rejected because it is “outside the remit or powers of the Prime Minister and Government” and “this is a devolved matter and should be directed to the Scottish Executive as appropriate”.

Both reasons are entirely spurious.  The Scottish government exercises powers on behalf of the British government, not instead of.  The British government has as much right – more, in fact – to legislate on devolved matters as the Scottish government does and in the event of a disagreement, the British government has the final say.

So, you see, the reasons given for rejecting the petition are false.  It is not outside of the remit of the British government at all and Gordon Brown has every right to insist his eco towns are built in his own country instead of ours.

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Anti-English attack injures horse

How can these English-hating Celts justify attacking a defenceless animal? Will we see any politicians apologising for the actions of these scum? Don’t hold your breath.

Anti-English attack injures horse

A horse’s face was slashed and anti-English graffiti daubed on a stables owned by a Cardiff woman who had moved to a village in west Wales.

Alison Hayes, who was born in the Welsh capital, found her seven-month-old pony with a 4in (10cm) wound on its face.

As she helped the animal at her land in Tegryn, near Crymych, Pembrokeshire, she also noticed graffiti written in slang Welsh saying “English out”.

Dyfed-Powys Police are investigating the attack.

Mrs Hayes and her husband moved to the area last year with the intention of opening a riding stables.

But she was shocked when she discovered their pony, Hope, with a bleeding wound on her nose.

“It is awful, she is very frightened,” she explained.

“She has a 4in piece of flesh hanging of her face.
Graffiti was sprayed on the stables

“I just can’t understand it – I’m from Cardiff, I was born there. My mother and father are both Welsh – what’s going on?

“This is a Welsh-speaking area and they might have mistaken our Cardiff accents for English, that is all I can think,” she added.

“This was an incredibly cruel thing to do. Hope is a beautiful, friendly animal and she was slashed across the face and mouth.

“The motivation of these people was ridiculous and to take it out on an innocent horse was wicked.

“Hope loved being around people but now I can’t get near her. She is terrified.”

A few Welshies are of the considered opinion that because the Welsh phrase sprayed on the wall wasn’t proper Welsh, rather some nonsense generated by a translation website, that it can’t be Welsh nationalists that did it. In fact, a comment on one website said it must be ultra right wing English nationalists to blame because it was duff Welsh. Indeed, so convinced are they of this argument that Smiling under the Buses thinks I must be an anti-Welsh blogger (despite being part Welsh myself!) and one commentator on the CEP blog, where this was cross-posted, asked if the post was going to be edited because the facts had been thrown in doubt!

I’m an English nationalists – quite a committed one I hope you’d agree – but I don’t speak Anglo Saxon. You don’t have to speak Anglo Saxon to be an English nationalist and you don’t have to speak Welsh to be a Welsh nationalist. The fact that the Welsh graffiti is probably duff (it was suggested by locals that it was very old Welsh) doesn’t mean it wasn’t the work of English-hating Welsh nationalists, it just means that it was probably the work of English-hating Welsh nationalists that don’t speak Welsh.

Update 2:
Smiling under the Buses is a Wrexham fan which means that I’m duty bound to loath and detest him and wish him a fiery eternity in the depths of Hades.

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Tax and spend

A Commons Commission has concluded that abolishing the lower rate 10p/£ income tax rate has made poor people worse off.  What a leap of fucking logic!

The same pattern keeps repeating itself with Liebour.  They abolish lower tax rates and exemptions that everyone is automatically entitled to and replace them with a tax credit that some will be entitled to and isn’t an automatic entitlement.

But more importantly for the British government, it makes more people reliant on the “benevolence” of the state.
When tax credits was first brought in I couldn’t see the sense in paying a load of people to take more tax off the taxpayer and then pay another load of people to give some of it back.  But this is the way Liebour works – they take as much as possible off you and then drip feed you bits of your tax back if you meet certain criteria.  This way, tax credits can be changed or cut resulting in a higher tax bill without looking like a tax increase.

Smaller government means less interference from the state, more prosperity, more enterprise and lower taxes.  Much lower.

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Global Warming … er, cooling … no, er …

On Friday it was so warm I went to work without a coat and came home with the sunroof open.

Yesterday was reasonably warm and sunny – warm enough to go out with only a t-shirt and a thin fleece.

Today …

imag0088.jpg imag0079.jpg imag0085.jpg

The camera really doesn’t do the snow justice – it’s coming down thick and fast. There was about half an inch on the ground this morning when I woke up before the sun melted it all. In fact, at one point today I was contemplating opening a window because it was so warm.

I wonder what the climate change propagandists will make of today’s weather.

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