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Shropshire Star: Labour is still not listening

This is in tonight’s Shropshire Star …

Labour is still not listening

So, Labour has lost yet another election – Glasgow East, next to Gordon Brown’s constituency.  Just like after losing the election in Crewe and Nantwich, ministers trotted out the “we need to listen to the people” line and claimed they were just victims of circumstance – the price of fuel, the credit crunch, etc.

Now where have I heard that before?  Oh yes, after they lost the London mayoral elections.  Labour does not listen to “the people”.

I hear more from Bob Spink (UKIP, Castle Point) and Daniel Kawczynski (Conservative, Shrewsbury and Atcham) than I do from David Wright, my own Labour MP.

Labour MPs thought they could rely on Scottish votes to keep them in power in England, now they’ve lost control of the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly and come the next election they will lose control of Westminster.  I won’t be sad to see the back of the most anti-English government we’ve ever seen.

Stuart Parr

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Witanagemot Blogging Awards

The Witanagemot Blogging Awards results are in and I got …

  • 3rd best minor party blog (behind DK for the Libertarians and Ordovicius for Plaid)
  • 2nd best English nationalist blog (behind Toque and ahead of the CEP)
  • 3rd most desperate to win blogging awards (behind Iain Dale and Guido)
  • 3rd favourite Witanagemot blog (behind Iain Dale and DK)

The CEP blog, which I also look after got …

Thanks to everyone who voted for me and the CEP.  Big thanks to Gareth for running the Witanagemot Club, the Witan website and the annual awards.  Without Gareth the English nationalist blogosphere would be a shadow of what it is today.

On that note, I’d like to present Gareth with the first ever Wonko’s Internet Outstandingness (WINO) Award.


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British government wants video websites to self-censor

Part of the British government’s plan to censor the internet includes requiring video websites to vet all their content before it’s published.  This, they claim, will protect us from seeing porn and happy slapping and the like.

There is, of course, a pretty simple way of protecting yourself from viewing porn and violence on the internet – don’t look at it.  If a film says “Me an’ my bredren slappin’ jamal” then the chances are it’s not going to be a trailer for Bambi.  If it’s tagged “deep throat” or “hard core” then there is a very good possibility it’s not the kind of video you’d watch with your gran.

The idea of requiring people like YouTube to vet every video submitted to their site will effectively kill off their free service.  The main reason why YouTube has millions of videos and millions of users is because it’s free.  If they have to employ a couple of thousand people to pro-actively vet their content then they will have to start charging for it and that will effectively kill off video websites.

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German Police dig up grave to retrieve flag

Hindu swastika elephant coinGerman police in Passau have dug up the grave of a neo-nazi to remove a swastika flag that was thrown onto it when he was buried.

The swastika is banned in Germany, along with other symbols of Naziism and the glorification of Naziism.  It is illegal to posess a swastika (presumably Hindu’s are allowed a swastika as it’s a religious symbol) in any form, to do a  Nazi salute, to say that Hitler wasn’t a bad man (he was but some people think he wasn’t), to deny the holocaust happened (it obviously did but again, some people think it didn’t) and it’s even illegal to play a world war 2 computer game that allows you to win as the Nazi’s.

Best of all, under the European Arrest Warrant you can be arrested and deported by German police and charged with breaking their laws in England, they don’t even have to provide evidence of your “crime” before they deport you and you don’t get to appeal beforehand.

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