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Telford & Wrekin Council have tried backtracking over their plans to question adults without children in Telford Town Park after receiving widespread condemnation, claiming that the Shropshire Star exaggerated the story and that there were no plans to routinely interrogate people.

This is despite a letter from the Sport & Recreation Manager at the council saying, in a letter to a resident:

From our previous correspondence with you, you will be aware that our town park Staff approach adults that are not associated with any children in the Town Park and request the reason for them being there.

That doesn’t need any exaggerating, it’s already pretty diabolical as it is.

The backtracking will no doubt turn into a climbdown pretty soon.  The Home Office have waded in to say that it’s not their idea and that the council has no right to interrogate people in a public place.  The Shropshire Star aren’t letting it go, Telford Council Watch has organised a protest for 10:30am Saturday morning and the story is in the Metro, the Daily Mail and the Torygraph.  There’s also blog coverage on the Devil’s Kitchen, Liberal England, Why England Needs a Parliament, Lib Dem Voice, Views from the Asylum, Connecting the Dots in the New World Order, Crimes and Corruptions of the New World Order and Legally Kidnapped.

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  1. John Franklyn (59 comments) says:

    Isn’t this typical of T&W Council, say one thing one day, then deny it the next or when you quote Council letters or Council docs you get accussed of misleading the public.

  2. Icypurplepants (13 comments) says:

    This story made the front page of the “Metro” freebie newspaper this morning!

  3. The Secret Person (15 comments) says:

    Seems they claim they only ask people what they are doing, but if they have no more power to act what is the point in asking?

    I suppose when someone responds “Actually I am a predatory paedophile penguin” they can call the police.

  4. Chris Pettman (1 comments) says:

    All this fuss about nothing has been created by people who know NOTHING about the running of Telford Town Park and do not understand that the Town Park staff are VERY experienced and would only approach anyone if they were acting suspiciously. This is NOT new, it has always been the case. I would also expect ANY member of the public to do the same. What it does NOT mean is that every lone person is going to be stopped and interrogated, nor has it EVER been the case. The Council have NOT backtracked. Do have a bit of COMMON SENSE everybody and STOP being alarmist. It was the same over ID cards, suddenly everyone was going to be stopped and have their particulars checked. I don’t think so. Who exactly is going to do all this stopping and checking. The Town Park could do with more staff as it is and they certainly do not have time to interrogate every lone person in sight. Use your brain, it is ONLY if someone is acting suspiciously.

  5. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    So being a member of the ineffectual sockpuppet “Friends of the Town Park” group means you know more about the situation than the council’s Sport & Recreation Manager who said, in his letter, that staff will routinely challenge any adult not associated with a child? Are you part of the town park mangement team by virtue of being in FOTTP? Are you saying that the council’s Sport & Recreation Manager has lied in his letter to Mr Evans when he said that staff routinely challenge anyone not associated with a child? Do tell us where your superior knowledge is coming from Chris, but please DON’T SHOUT, IT’S VERY RUDE.

  6. John Franklyn (59 comments) says:

    And this is the group who only put on a half hearted effort about the Arena and were se up to give the false impresion of community involvement.

    The letter clearly states,

    “Staff approach adults that are not associated with any children in the Town Park and request the reason for them being there”

    Who interprits what suspicious behaviour is and why only people by themselves.

    This policy has been condemned by a National Childrens Charity, Social Workers, community workers, the home office and beyond.

    The policy is so good, a Diretor was econmical with the truth on radio this morning and the Council believe in it so much they have declined interview(s) today.

    You keep blowing your trumpet Chris Pettman, we know this is a failed policy, has no basis and does not cover every play area or park in the borough.

    It has also been revealed through that Cllr Denis Allen, who appears to be the Councils front man on this issue is quoted in the following extract,

    I’ve just spoken to Councillor Denis Allen. Apparently this rule has
    been in force since the Labour Council was in power, and it has only
    just come to light. It is to do with a Nu Labour guidance that
    councils have the responsibility of every child and are responsible for
    what happens to every child. It has been interpreted by some
    “official” possibly incorrectly (Mr Allen’s exact words), and he is
    going to investigate who authorised this ruling.

    I did mention that any council official who tries to stop and question
    a member of the public in a public place could be landed with a
    harassment charge, but he just said he will investigate. I also put
    to him that why no-one in the council scrutinised the actions of their
    officers, and why wasn’t any ruling debated publicly and checked with
    common sense. The reply was “We took this rule from the previous party
    and are investigating why this rule was in place”.

  7. John Franklyn (59 comments) says:

    What do you say now Chris Pettman in answer to the following

    Boss: Council wrong on park rules
    Telford & Wrekin council boss Andrew Eade today stepped into the patrols in the park row and admitted: “We made a mistake and I’m sorry.”

    The council leader stressed that there was no question of adults being stopped and quizzed just because they were in the Town Park without children.

    Councillor Eade spoke out after council sports and recreation manager David Ottley caused a row by revealing in a letter that childless adults could be stopped by wardens and asked to explain what they were doing in the park.

  8. curlyjim (1 comments) says:

    I read about this in this mornings Metro and was absolutely appalled.What the hell is this country coming to..? Why are these evil fantasists allowed to remain in public office, deliberately using the emotive subject of child protection to justify their abusive policy. I am sick to death of these dangerous people trying to justify the products of their own sick and twisted minds.
    Remember the Asian tsunami? Most other countries offered to fly in clothes, blankets and medicines but what did we get from the like minded sicko’s from over here. They offered to fly out a posse of wet nurses, handwringers and various other imbeciles to counteract the planeloads of drooling paedo’s jetting in for a free for all with all the poor orphaned children. I think it was the Sri Lankan government who politely told them that they didn’t envisage such a threat exsisted and if it did, they were perfectly capable of dealing with it themselves. Of course we all know that the threat exsisted only in these warped individulals sordid little minds, just like in this councils.They are the one’s who need challenging, not the general public. They are inventing risk where none exsists and needlessly whipping up hysteria to justify their salary, it’s got nothing to do with child protection.

  9. John Franklyn (59 comments) says:

    Only Fools Make The Same Mistake Twice

    The Leader of Telford and Wrekin Council, Cllr Andrew Eade has issued an apology, saying

    “We made a mistake and I’m Sorry”

    I’ll credit to Andrew Eade for having the courage to say such a thing and we must admit, this kind of apology is a rarity.

    In a letter to the Shropshire Star, John Evans who is a former Community Worker and Social Worker has said

    I understand council leader Andrew Eade has apologised over the mis-use of power in the town park fiasco. This is to his credit and he has shown wisdom in accepting others were in the wrong , had insulted the public, and embarrassed the council.

    It is hoped that positive action will be taken regarding councillor Allen’s position as cabinet member for community Services and against Mr Odunaiya who is ultimately responsible for the letter sent out by his department and for coming on radio stating that such as myself were not telling the truth despite quoting from his departments letter. He has in effect behaved in such a way that it may be defined as ultra vires,in that he has exceeded his powers and has made several mis-leading statements with regard to policy

    These sentiments have also been echoed by other residents.

    Whilst Mr.R.Odunaiya is ultimately responsible, It has also been suggested that the legal department backed up every statement and letter sent out, they even interpreted the CRB Regulations incorrectly.

    One thing must not happen, and that is simply, Mr.Dave Ottley, who sent out the letter, must NOT be used as a scapegoat.

    The responsibility for this extremely embarrassing episode rests fairly and squarely with someone in a more Senior Position.

    Mr.Ron Odunaiya is quoted in the Shropshire star as having said,

    “The Situation would be reviewed”

    And so it should be, I would even say that any person who agreed with this ridiculous idea, should take time out and do a complete rethink, after all, you don’t need to be an expert on Telford Town Park in order to identify poor policy, practice and procedure.

    I for one intend to go ahead with the Protest on Saturday 13th September at 1030am at the Arena,


    Because I firmly believe, that if we take our foot off the accelerator and do not maintain our momentum, the issue will go to sleep and no real change will be implemented.

    Unfortunately, recent events have caused a great many people considerable upset, discomfort and embarrassed Telford and Wrekin Council because someone exceeded their powers.

    It has been suggested that a petition could be raised expressing a vote of No Confidence in the Chief Executive, the legal department and others who allow such stupid statements to be made.

    The only route forward, is to maintain public pressure on Telford and Wrekin Council, attend meetings such as Full Council and Cabinet Meetings, examine information available, listen to everything that is said and report on it thoroughly.

    No longer can we trust those operating in Telford and Wrekin HQ, no longer can we trust our elected members and for those that are good people and hardworking, unfortunately you will be painted with same brush because of the ineptitude of some of your colleagues.

    It is time that Telford and Wrekin Council now open themselves to the resident. Actually deliver on the promise to be open and honest, allow residents to actually have a say and an input to policy, practice and procedure.

    Residents now need the right to speak at Full Council, at planning meetings, I for one have had enough of some Councillors churning out a load of blurb and on occasions even being insulting and we can only listen.

    I invite Councillors and Officers to attend our protest and let’s see if the wind of change will finally blow in our favour.

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