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Government are out of control

What a surprise, the Liebour Stazi have suppressed democracy again.

A motion was put forward to set up a committee to investigate the arrest of Damian Green MP, the police search of his MPs office without a warrant and the complicity of the Speaker and the Serjeant at Arms in the search.  It would have seven committee members, four of which would be Liebour MPs and they would start their investigations after the Police had finished their investigations into the leaks for which Damian Green was arrested.

Minge Campbell put forward an amendment to have the committee start their investigations straight away but this was rejected by just 4 votes so the Conswervatives and Lib Dums have told their MPs not to take part in the committee because it’s a sham.

A police investigation could take months or even years to complete, by which time there may have been an election (if Gordo hasn’t banned them in the interests of national security by then), a new government and a new Speaker.

This really is taking the piss – it’s virtually impossible now to hold the British government to account, either as a voter or an MP.  They get away with fraud, corruption, gross incompetence and even treason.  They’re out of control, no longer acting in the interests of the country but only in the interests of themselves and their party.  Liebour has only one objective – to stay in power.  My off-the-cuff remarks about elections being banned aren’t really that off-the-cuff, I can quite believe it happening.

When your government no longer acts in the interests of you or your country and effective opposition ceases to exist there is only one course of action available.

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Non-partisan Speaker?

The role of Speaker of the House of Commons is held by an elected MP who promises to be non-partisan.  The current Speaker, Michael Martin MP, is the Liebour MP for Glasgow North East and he’s proven to be anything but non-partisan.  I don’t think there have ever been so many complaints and accusations of bias against any Speaker.

And Gorbals is at it again with the committee investigating whether he and the Serjant at Arms were wrong to allow Police to raid Damian Martin’s office in the Palace of Westminster.  The Speaker appoints members to such commissions, even though the commission is investigating him, and he’s decided to appoint 4 Liebour MPs to the 7-man commission ensuring they get the “right” answer.

Of course, the role of Speaker is non-partisan so there’s no reason for Liebour MPs to whitewash the whole affair because Gorbals wasn’t acting on behalf of the Liebour Party, right?  Well, not exactly.  Not at all in fact.

A survey of MPs by the BBC found that 32 of the 90 MPs that responded thought the Speaker was in the wrong.  In response, Liebour ministers have rallied round Gorbals with Margaret Beckett even going as far as saying that there is a long-standing tradition of MPs not criticising the Speaker.  Perhaps if the Speaker had upheld the long-standing tradition of not supporting the party he belongs to, not showing bias towards the party he belongs to, not abusing his expenses to pay for his wife’s shopping trips and protecting the parliamentary privillege then MPs would be more inclined to respect the tradition of not criticising him.

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A mission

Mrs Sane wants Professor Layton’s Curious Adventure on the Nintendo DS.  Only problem is it’s out of stock in all the shops, eBay is full of scams and Play are taking the piss charging £50+ for the game.

I’ve tried to convince her to have one of those cartridges where you can play … ahem … backup games but she won’t have one, she wants the real thing.

I’ve got a copy on pre-order at one interweb shop but they can’t guarantee delivery by Christmas so I’m appealing to my readers – if anyone can get me a copy of the UK version of Professor Layton for the DS for the RRP (+/- £5) I’ll be most grateful.  I’ve got an England flag here still in its packet as a reward for finding it – not much but it’s better than nothing.

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Licence to print money

From the Daily Mash, via the ginger one:

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Just following orders

You may recall that back in August I wrote about the NHS deciding it was going to weigh and measure children in England, check them against the Body Mass Index (BMI) and then send parents a letter to tell them if the computer says their child is fat or thin.  You may also recall that I said the BMI was a bloody stupid way of measuring obesity.

Well, this week #1 brought home a letter from the council and the Primary Care Trust (PCT) telling us that they will be weighing and measuring children in his year so they can gather statistics on obesity.  To this end they would be taking the child’s weight, height, name, address, postcode, date of birth, gender and ethnicity.  The statistics would be anonymised and sent to the NHS “nationally” (they mean England but the NHS aren’t allowed to use naughty words like that) but the weight and height would be recorded on the child’s file locally within the PCT.

The BMI is a graph with two axis – height and weight.  It doesn’t have ethnicity, address or age on it.  Therefore, the extra information is not required to calculate a child’s obesity on the BMI scale.  I accept that the statistics would benefit from having a geographical element to them for which the start of the postcode would be sufficient.  In fact, even this isn’t necessary because primary schools in Telford take their children by catchment area as opposed to selection like a secondary school so 99% of the children going to the school will all be from the same postcode area.

So why do they need names and addresses?  Oh yes, to send the “our computer say your child is fat/thin” letter which may or may not be a load of bollocks.  I won’t go into the reasons why the BMI is bollocks, click the link at the top of the post and read what I said originally.  All I’ll say is, quite a few “health professionals” have agreed with me that the BMI is bollocks.

Anyway, a form was attached to the letter so that we could refuse consent for the weighing and measuring which we filled in and returned.  The form was put in a folder with the others that parents had returned – quite a few of them by the look of it.  One thing that was missing from the form was somewhere to write down why we’d objected so I phoned up the PCT to tell them.  I said that I don’t want my kids to grow up thinking that they have to provide every bit of personal information the authorities ask them for, because the BMI is a rubbish way of measuring obesity and because they were recording too much information.  The woman I spoke to said she agreed with me to a certain extent but said that they had been told to do it.

Just following orders, that’s ok then.

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Police DNA database is illegal

Two English men have successfully challenged South Yorkshire Police’s decision to retain their DNA samples even though neither of them have been convicted of a crime.

The Police have amassed the world’s largest database of DNA samples, a sizeable proportion of which were retained illegally before the law was changed to allow them to keep DNA samples of innocent people.

A handful of people have successfully managed to have their DNA samples destroyed on request but South Yorkshire Police evidently refused to do so and the case ended up with the European Court of Human Rights where 17 judges ruled unanimously that the practice is in contravention of the European Convention on Human Rights and therefore illegal.

The fascist bitch, Jacqui Smith, said that the existing illegal law will remain in place and Police will continue to illegally collect and retain DNA samples of innocent people until they’ve decided what to do about the judgement.

I’ve already written my letter requesting the destruction of the fingerprints and DNA samples the Police have on file for me following my arrest a few years ago after a malicious accusation of assault which I proved I was incapable of committing for the two reasons that I was at home talking to someone on MSN at the time and that I was (and still am) medically incapable of doing what I was accused of doing.

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Illegal fines to be increased

Telford & Wrekin Council has announced that it is going to increase the unconstitutional and illegal on-the-spot fines that it issues for dropping litter in the borough.

The Bill of Rights says:

any promise of fine or forfeiture before conviction is illegal and void

Magna Carta says:

No free man shall be captured, and or imprisoned, or disseised of his freehold, and or of his liberties, or of his free customs, or be outlawed, or exiled, or in any way destroyed, nor will we proceed against him by force or proceed against him by arms, but by the lawful judgment of his peers, and or by the law of the land.

Both these laws still stand today and form the core of the English constitution and English common law.  The laws that say someone can be fined without first being convicted have not repealed any part of the Bill of Rights or Magna Carta and so, in accordance with the judgement in the “Metric Martyrs” case, take precedence over these newer, non-constitutional laws.

I will be writing to the lawyers at Telford & Wrekin Council giving them notice that I believe the council is acting unlawfully and if they don’t stop issuing illegal fines I’ll report the cabinet to the Standards Board for England for bringing the council into disrepute.

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Queens Speech: load of bollocks

The Queen has regurgitated the Liebour propaganda piece more commonly known as the Queen’s Speech and a load of shit it is too.

Here’s a brief overview of all the draft bills in the Queens Speech:

Banking Reform Bill

Gives the Bank of England, the Treasury and the FSA more powers to intervene in failing banks like Northern Rock.  Doesn’t stop the Bank of England being forced to make public any offer of help to a bank whether it’s needed not which is what caused the run on Northern Rock.  The Market Abuse Directive (MAD) – issued by the EU and “gold plated” by the British civil service under El Gordo’s beady eye -prevents the Bank of England from giving a commitment to help a bank without making the offer public.

Business Rates Supplement Bill

Local authorities are going to be given the power to levy an extra business tax for “economic development”.  Basically, taxing local businesses to subsidise new competitors to try and put them out of business.  Expect harmonised “city region” business tax levies to be announced soon.  Proposed by the New Liebour think-tank, IPPR, in April this year and an ambition of the city region in the West Midlands as far back as 2006, as discovered by me with my West Midlands NO! hat on.

Community Empowerment, Housing and Economic Regeneration Bill

More regional government, more “partnerships” between local authorities (aka city regions) and more community consultations on local services.

Constitutional Renewal Bill

“Independent” commission to protect civil service impartiality (interesting use of the word “protect” as that implies there is an ounce of impartiality there in the first place), prevent Attorney General interefering in prosecutions, removing restrictions on protests in Westminster and stops the Prime Minister from appointing Supreme Court Judges (there’s no supreme court but never mind).  This bill is the only decent one in the whole speech and it’s being dropped from the draft legislative programme.

Citizenship, Immigration & Borders Bill

Creates the UK Borders Agency to ineffectually police our borders but won’t be able to stop Eastern European gangsters and criminals from exercising their “right” as EU citizens to roam around our country whenever they feel like it.

Communications Data Bill

More power for the state to obtain information about your internet and phone use in the name of preventing and investigating serious crime and terrorism.  Like every other “anti-terrorism” law it won’t catch any terrorists but will be abused by the British government, the police and the myriad public bodies that are allowed to gather “intelligence” for petty purposes like dog fouling and putting recycling in your wheelie bin. 

Coroners & Death Certification Bill

Creates a national coroners service to replace the existing, perfectly servicable county coroners.

Education & Skills Bill

“Fair access” to schools and improve performance of weak schools by stopping the top performing schools from picking out clever and able children and giving them the education they need to develop their natural ability in favour of dragging everyone down to the same level.  Also gives employees the right to ask for training from their employer.  Doesn’t mean they’ll get it but they’ll have the right to ask.

Equality Bill

Should be known as the Discrimination Bill – this is the piece of fucking awful, hypocritical and white man-hating discriminatory legislation that the evil man-hating bitch Harriet Harperson proposed in June.  The Equality Bill allows discrimination against white working men in favour of every other section of society.  The Equality Bill will also allow political parties to have all-women short-lists, undermining one of the most basic principles of democracy by effectively banning men from standing as MPs in some areas.  God I hate that fucking woman.

Geneva Conventions & UN Personnel Bill

Adopt a new “humanitarian emblem” and prmises more protection of UN personnel.

Heritage Protection Bill

Transparent and simplified management of heritage sites.  Why is this a priority?

Law Reform, Victims & Witnesses Bill

Creates new murder offences so some murders will be more serious than others, gives more “auditing powers” to the Information Commissioner for data protection purposes and more state interference in the legal system.

Marine & Coastal Access Bill

More seaside resorts and “simplifed management” of the coast.  Which is a priority, apparently.

NHS Reform Bill

More “reform” of the English NHS with new targets and financial penalties for the hospitals that don’t meet the targets, depriving them of the money they need to hit the next lot of targets.

Policing & Crime Reduction Bill

Cutting down on paperwork for police and clamping down on anti-social behaviour and binge drinking.  What the fuck has binge drinking got to do with policing or crime reduction?  It’s a social choice and fuck all to do with the police or the British government.

Saving Gateway Bill

A new savings scheme for low-paid people where the British government will top-up the savings from the Treasury.  Or, more accurately, from the billions of pounds they’ve borrowed from the banks that they borrowed billions of pounds to prop up.

Transport Security Bill

More “terrorist” offences relating to carrying weapons of mass destruction by sea and terrorism at sea.  A hastily-added clause after what happened in Mumbai no doubt.  Gives the Royal Navy more power to tackle piracy – already a capital crime in international waters so completely pointless.  The Royal Navy aleady has the power to scuttle pirate ships and execute the pirates.

Welfare Reform Bill

Force dole dossers to go on training courses so they can be skilled dole dossers instead of unskilled dole dossers.

The best quote out of all of this has got to be this line from the Citizenship, Immigration and Borders Bill which says that the citizenship process will be held up if:

migrants don’t make an effort to integrate or commit even minor crimes

Should we really be passing laws to encourage immigrants to commit crimes?

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Telford wants to be a speed camera pioneer

Telford & Wrekin Council are on the offensive promoting their plans to put average speed cameras on the A442 dual carriageway through the town and surprise, surprise, the BBC have stepped in to do their propaganda work for them.

The A442 dual carriageway – more commonly known as the Eastern Primary locally – is one of the safest roads of its type in the country.  The number of accidents and casualties was very low for a busy 70mph dual carriageway with lots of junctions running through the middle of a town.  But the “experts” at the council weren’t content with having one of the safest roads in the country, they had to mess with it.

A couple of years ago they decided to change the layout of the road, making some of the dual carriageway a single carriageway creating filter lanes.  They also dropped the speed limit from 70mph to 60mph.  A year or so later and the number of accidents is down but the number of casualties is up which means that the accidents that are still happening are involving more people and/or vehicles and the road is more dangerous than before they buggered about with it.

The sensible thing to do would be to put the road back the way it was and make it safer again but local authorities aren’t sensible so what they’re actually planning to do is put up more signs and install average speed roadside tax collectors “safety” cameras.  Signs such as this one on the side of the road in question, telling you may accidents there have been on the road:

Yes, that’s a Ford Ka embedded in the road sign.

The BBC failed to mention the fact that the council had made the road more dangerous in their piece which devoted about three quarters of its 1 minute 44 clip to promoting the speed cameras and included footage of another stretch of the A442 that isn’t in Telford and is about 5 or 6 miles from where the speed cameras are planned.  Peter Roberts, the anti-road pricing campaigner and head of the Drivers Alliance, got a few seconds to put across the sole voice of reason just before they switched to a picture of a roadside memorial to someone killed in an accident.

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MPs complain about police state they created

MPs are going to have a hard enough job explaining to a lot of people why it is they should be immune from civil proceedings for things they say and do in parliament and why the police shouldn’t be able to search their parliamentary offices and take away documents they find there.

There is a good reason for this, of course, but there will be a lot of people who will object to MPs having this privilege when the rest of us have to abide by the law or face the consequences.

Which is why they really should make the job of explaining it unnecessarily difficult with bloody stupid comments about how a police state is being built and complaining the anti-terrorism police were used to arrest Damian Green MP or that he was held for 9 hours and had his DNA and fingerprints taken.

They voted for the draconian, illiberal legislation that allowed anti-terrorism police to be used on people who aren’t terrorists.

They voted for the draconian, illiberal legislation that allow the police to forcibly take DNA samples and fingerprints and hold them forever regardless of whether the person is found innocent.

It’s good to see an MP experiencing, first hand, the abuse of anti-terrorism laws and the shocking way that the police have been turned into a puppet of the state.  It’s good to see an MP experiencing, first hand, the way the police have been changed from an independent civillian force whose job is to protect the civillian population and uphold the law to a politicised sockpuppet of the British government that is there to serve the state, not the people.

But most of all, it’s good that so many MPs are complaining about the treatment one of their own has received from agents of the state.  Perhaps next time they’re presented with a bill purporting to be about anti-terrorism or security, they’ll spend a little bit more time thinking about what’s written on the paper in front of them and less about what their leaders and whips are telling them.

The whole affair is being carefully choreographed.  The police have accused Damian Green of “grooming” civil servants to get information out of them.  The word “grooming” is, of course, associated with paedophiles – inferring the seriousness of the “crime” as being on the same level as child abuse.  The police are using character assassination to try and justify what they did – no smoke without fire and all that and he was grooming young impressionable civil servants.

El Gordo and the facsist bitch, Jacqui Smith, are both still denying that they knew anything about it but it’ll all come out in the inquiry, I’m sure.  Except there won’t be one – not if El Gordo gets his way.  He says there won’t be an inquiry into what happened because they don’t know all the facts.  Very sensible Comrade Brown, imagine what would happen if someone held an inquiry without knowing what the answers were in advance – they might not come up with the right answer and then where would we be?
Damian Green’s arrest should be a warning to all MPs, regardless of which party they belong to.

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