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Support the PM petition again

The Number 10 petitions team have obviously got bored of trying to filter out the joke names from the Support the PM petition.

After the list got to about 170 signatures, most of which I saved for prosperity, they took out all the spam and were left with … 7 names.  Oh dear.

There have been a couple of attempts to clear the petition up but the list of spam names is growing all the time.  One again, I’ll save the names for prosperity here:

  • Brad Owen
  • john fisk
  • I. Wright
  • Nicola O’Connor
  • Paul Uppal
  • Brid Mary Campbell
  • Tracey Hoek
  • Ali Craft
  • rita holland
  • John Doe
  • peter greenhill
  • Robin Scott
  • Raj Scott
  • Adam Applegarth
  • Andrew Ford
  • Truman Antrum
  • Ben Unkerman
  • Ferdy & Liza Packer
  • R Barker
  • y jacobs
  • Neil Roberts
  • Victoria. G
  • I R Manatee
  • Jatin
  • Hans-Peter Walsh
  • linda wallace
  • caitriona ni choitir
  • Anthony Bowdidge
  • Colin Mitchell
  • Jonathan Bevington
  • Annette Markillie
  • Alan Markillie
  • Joe King
  • Fuj Pakab Rown
  • And still the Scottish Robber, Scottish Raj, and T.Antrum remain – LOL
  • As do John Doe, Ferdy Liza Packer, a marine mammal and others – ROFLMAO
  • Field Marshall Sir Arthur Grebe-Streebling
  • Bonehead Brown
  • I R Another Manatee… hello
  • Albi Fayed
  • barrack obama
  • Ivan R. Donne
  • Mrs Myrtle Proper
  • Richard Head
  • Tanya Hyde
  • Robin Demmall
  • Chris Lyon
  • Wayne Kergurden
  • Jane Doe
  • W. Mittie
  • Bob Mougarby
  • Madame la Guillotine
  • Edna Basket
  • Yosif Stalin
  • Rex Nation
  • Gerry Mannering
  • Hal Furney
  • William Joyce
  • Sarah Brown
  • Tony, Cherie and the rest of the Blairs. Doing a fine job, Gordy. Keep it up.
  • Roger the Cabine Boy

What a joke our glorious leader is.  Is there a single person in this country that has even the slightest bit of respect for him?

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Harriet Harperson doesn’t want to be PM .. honest

Harriet Harperson says she doesn’t want to be Prime Minister. Thank god for that, the last thing we need is to lose a one-eyed Scottish dictator and gain a man-hating fascist bitch.

She says she’s staying loyal to El Gordo …

My ambition is to remain his loyal and supportive deputy

And if you believe that the extent of Harriet Harperson’s ambition is to spend the next few months as El Gordo’s number two you shouldn’t be allowed to even look at a ballot paper, let alone cast a vote.

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Shropshire Star: Equality for men?

I had this letter in the Shropshire Star the other night …

Equality for men?

David Wright MP has endorsed Harriet Harman’s proposed new equalities bill (Shropshire Star, April 28).

His endorsement would be more convincing if half of it hadn’t been copied word for word from Harriet Harman’s own speech on the bill.

Equality is obviously very important to David Wright so I’m sure he will be calling on Harriet Harman, the Minister for Women & Equality, to explain why there is no Minister for Men and why the three Ministers for Equality are all women.

Stuart Parr

Do you know what, something tells me he won’t.

I can’t find his letter – the paper it was in was collected with the recycling in the week – but the press release it was copied from is on his website.  Here’s David Wright’s comment …

I believe in equality for people in Telford. I have supported the Government’s action such as challenging disability discrimination and outlawing age discrimination at work.

“It is a scandal that decades after the Equal Pay Act, women still get paid less than men for doing the same job. Industry has had long enough to sort this out and doesn’t have a leg to stand on complaining about the Government forcing companies to treat women fairly.

“This Bill is about fairness. It is about all people in our community getting fair treatment. So in Telford it might mean making sure there are extra park benches in local parks so older people can enjoy public spaces and providing play areas for younger people so that they can make the most of our parks. I welcome this and I will support it.”

Harriet Harman, Minister for Women and Equality, said:
“The Equality Bill is part of building a strong fair future for Britain out of the downturn. That means fairness and opportunity. Especially in tougher economic times, we need to face the problems fairly and we need to look for a fairer future.

“Though we have ensured new rights and opportunities for people with disabilities, for women, black and Asian people and older people – there is still unfairness and discrimination to tackle. And this Bill will take the action necessary to tackle it.

Isn’t he a good little socialist?  Those nasty big businesses making money and paying their taxes (apart from the Liebour-supporting socialist rag, the Guardian which gets a tax rebate on it’s multi-million pound profits) so that we can pay his £63k salary and £155k expenses.  Come the revolution, Comrade Wright will be rewarded generously for his loyalty to the party.

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Shrewsbury make the play-offs

The mighty Shrews have beaten Dagenham & Redbridge to enter the League 2 play-offs.

All that stands between Shrewsbury Town and a return to League 2 is a couple of games.

At the start of the season it looked like they had promotion in the bag, then it all went a bit iffy before finally scraping back into the play-off zone.

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Scott May’s Daredevil Stunt Show

Last night we went to watch Scott May’s Daredevil Stunt Show in the Arena in Telford Town Park.

Slaine For a tenner for adults and a fiver for kids, they had motorbikes, cars, an ATV, three monster trucks, a human cannonball, a clown and lots of fire!

It’ll be a real shame if Telford & Wrekin Council manage to build on the Arena like they plan to do, this is the sort of event that brings people in from all round the county.

There are a few videos on YouTube here.

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