GPs told to double prescription costs in England

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According to the BBC, GPs in England are being put under pressure by PCTs to half the amount of medication they are prescribing patients to bring in more income from prescription charges.

Currently you can get up to 2 months’ worth of medication on one prescription but PCTs have been telling GPs to cut that to one month, doubling the cost of repeat prescriptions at a time when they have just gone up to £7.40 per item in England.

Prescription charges have been free in Wales and Northern Ireland for a while and became free in Scotland this year on April Fool’s Day – the same day the British Department of Health put the price up to £7.40 in England.  The British Department of Health says that it can’t afford the £450m cost of providing free prescriptions in England but the British government still manages to find £20bn per year of English money to subsidise free prescriptions and other benefits in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and £4bn to bail out Portugal.

The Brits are taking the piss once again, where are the riots on the streets over this sickness tax?


  1. Joy (2 comments) says:

    Hmm, this isn’t fair is it? I already take less medication than I’m supposed to because I have no income to pay for prescriptions, am I supposed to stop altogether and suffer instead now then?

  2. Alfred the Cash Cow (1 comments) says:

    This was broken on the Moneybox programme on Radio 4 on Saturday morning…. I was just on my way to Aintree – taking a carload of Surrey punters to the race when it came on…. By ‘eck they learned some proper new northern swear words….

  3. Daggs (55 comments) says:

    2 months of medication on one prescription !!!!!!!!!!
    Never in all my life. It’s only ever been 28 days worth per prescription here in Kent.
    Looks like i’ve been doubly ripped off for years.

  4. axel (1214 comments) says:

    According to the government bod on R4 on money box, only 10% of you pay for full presriptions, say 5.5 million?

    Also, according to him, GPs can ignore this as it is only ‘advice’ issued by PCTs and is not policy

    Oh yes, according to our government bods, they thought free prescriptions were a better way to spend NHS money and in England they thought it better to buy a wider range of cancer drugs and open a new of hospital and you goy about ‘7’ of them

  5. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Yeah, 10% is about 5.2m people – that’s the entire population of Scotland.

    We don’t have a wider range of cancer drugs, in the Land of Everything is Free you get more than we do.

  6. Daggs (55 comments) says:

    Yes Axel that’s what they say “only 10% of us English pay prescription charges” Well i’m one of the 10% and i’m right fucked off about it!

    I asked my MP “why can’t the English have free prescriptions just like everone else in this laughingly named United Kingdom”
    I was told “it would cost £450 million, we can’t afford it”
    The very next day Camoron gave Pakistan £650 million!!!

  7. David, ExPat Slovakia (6 comments) says:

    Just take a look at this…….

    Nuff said!!

  8. Dan Allan (1 comments) says:

    I think this government is being so so unfair and unequal too the uk people its such a injustice of being so unfair and unequal I think it’s about time cameron too give free prescriptions too uk subjects and get some real organisation where government is concerned or be a man and step down as I see it u are getting more people in the red and making people moved out of their homes just because of changes too housing benefit I know of a old man whom has renal failure and has a aggressive tumour too and they are expecting him too move out a dying man to be moved out surely exceptions too the rules must be looked at? Also I am a young an with mild cerebral palsy and also hard of hearing and I have a a lot of support with sleep ins and the bungalow I live has been adapted fully too my needs and why was bombarded by my a housing officer saying I will have too be moved out and said it with no sensitivity at all but lucky for me I phoned housing benefit there are special allowances if people need a additional equiptment or for room for a tumble dryer or a room too charge my electric wheelchair I use so I say too all don’t belief everything your landlords say too u as they only know half the story regarding the changes

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