British sickness tax goes up in England today

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It’s April Fool’s Day today and you all know what that means … that’s right, the British are taking us for fools yet again with the prescription charge in England going up 20p to £8.05 per item.

Whilst the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish governments have all abolished prescriptions charges in their own countries, the British continue to tax the sick in England to help pay for the subsidies that allow the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish to get their prescriptions for free.

Just one of the reasons why we need an English Parliament.

UK Prescription Charges 2007-2014


  1. William Gruff (138 comments) says:

    I think the British should quadruple prescription charges in England and give everyone in Scotland free everything for life, and those in Wales and Northern Ireland.

    • pete (1 comments) says:

      Me too…..there would be a mass upsrising and there would be an English Parliament by Christmas, and with the money saved from not bankrolling the subsidy drunk, barren and irrelevent Scottish, Welsh and N Irish EU Regions we could introduce free prescriptions etc in England…..while in the non English EU Regions of Britain they would have to start paying fees for them.

      This is ultimately what will happen, when all is said and done it will be England that comes out of the whole mess laughing.

      • Stan (222 comments) says:

        Or we could just bring in free prescriptions in England.

        The total cost of prescriptions for 2012 was around £8.5 Billion. The easiest way to pay for it would be to collect the yearly £35 Billion in unpaid taxes and then we’d still have £26.5 Billion to spend on something else.

        If you didn’t want to do that you could take it out of the yearly total for bankers bonuses and they would still have £5.5 Billion to top up their already generous wage packets.

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